Vaping CBD is cool, prove me wro... oh

Kinda weird they used MCT oil as the oil base, but whatever.

TL;DR: Vaping CBD is worse for you than nicotine apparently.

very weird… who vapes MCT?

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People that buy gas station CBD vapes?


can’t really take anything the article says to heart if they’re using this garbage oil as input.

I don’t particularly understand why they used MCT oil at all, why not just vaporize the CBD?


I understand the logic to sample right from the cartridges. It’s answering ‘are these vapes safe’ more than ‘is CBD vapour safe’. But they should have tried 5-10 different vapes from the legal/medicinal market. Not some boof from a gas station.

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According to someone that supposedly has access to the study:

“They bought CBD from a company called The Kind Group LLC and mixed it with the MCT oil themselves.”

lmao! alright my bad for not reading that in the article. please tell me they performed the experiments on MCT oil alone too…

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It doesn’t mention that in the article, so you’re all good.

I would imagine they wouldn’t have to, last time I checked MCT oil aerosol inhalation has already been studied.

The study looks like it’s free too access by the way.

From the reading I did, the CBD vape already came diluted in MCT.

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WHY? Why would someone dilute something more for a study like this? And with an adulterant? What purpose does that serve?

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Obfuscation of information perhaps?

I’d hope it was unintentional, and they just assumed they would need a carrier for the CBD.

Best case scenario it’s just misinformed scientists, worst case it’s a hit piece.

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But like… if you know that these lipids are adulterants. And you know that those adulterants cause harms. When only looking for a product which contains adulterants seems kinda weird. I mean it could say “adulterant laden CBD vape cartridges tested for lung damage” but that’s not what it says.

Like there’s been some really great studies on MCT and Vitamin E Acetate post E-VALI - why just disregard those… I mean, how does this help the science? Let us prove again that lipids are not supposed to go into the lungs. VOILA - we have confirmed the peer reviewed studies. <3 Yay!

Anyway - reading the article it totally gets things wrong from the report in the actual paper. Which happens a lot I suppose. The specifics being that the papers looks like this:

Which has propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin listed coming from the CBD-vape, not MCT. However, the narrative listed exactly the opposite of what the table in the same article lists. The marketing for the “Calm Vape” says that it doesn’t have any additives in it…

So I guess who should we believe at this point? The article, which misquotes the study. The study that misquotes itself. The manufacturer of the device? Hmmm.

I mean - I love science. But damn man, can’t we get a little more focus on accuracy in science for this stuff. People might start thinking its a good idea to fill vapes with plant lipids again or something…