Vape Production / Ventilation

Hey everyone , can’t seem to find anything in this but does anyone have any insight on ventilation and safety when making carts / mixing the terps , basically my issue is doing this in a house with only fans , and then cleaning my machine with ethanol , curious if anyone has ideas or what they are doing in terms of ventilation / and or masks , procedures they use

How far are the carts from the girls?


Shit I set my self up for that one lol


I keep an infant in the formulation room like a canary

If that little fucker passes out or starts coughing I know to dip.


The only worry would be inhaling the etoh in the hot hopper when cleaning your machine. It might give off some vapors that could affect ya. As far as mixing and filling carts, the vapors aren’t an issue. Been formulating a few years and my only issues have been missing the bottle when transferring and burning my hand on the glass bottle. I’d sniff terps all day if possible. In fact, i usually do most days. Sometimes i even sniff the bottles. :grin::v:

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Look up safety data sheets for all of the terps and solvents your playing with.

You 100% should have proper ventilation and PPE when playing with hydrocarbons and solvents


That’s incredibly ignorant and dangerous advice. Don’t huff terps


Sheeesh lol I def wouldn’t smell the
Terps , feel like they are so strong but yea I started cleaning the vessel in the garage with a fan on and just mitigating everything ,I def feel like it was the ethanol cus after 6 batches in a day of cleaning and I would leave the ethanol waste in beakers in my bathroom next to the room I’m working lol , def making me
Feel super off

I have looked up the SDS sheets , and am looking into ventilation or moving to a warehouse with ventilation , I would def open windows and have a fan blowing if I wasn’t in a state where it’s illegal lol

Now I’m
Wearing a proper mask for these chemicals , and looking into a lab coat and proper ethanol resistant gloves , and putting the ethanol waste in a bottle with a lid


I stabbed myself in the finger with a 14 guage needle filled with hot disty once…