Vape cart THC distillate refill syringes and usage?

ive had enough inquiries lately for me to look at offering my patients 1ml refill syringes for their own custom mods/tanks. How many of yous guys offer this sort of product? How does a patient get rock hard distillate mixed with 6-8% terps squeezed into their tanks? I also have requests for unflavored. does the patient throw their syringe into the oven set to 150 degrees to get it to flow? What syringes are you guys using? i would think glass with at least a teflon/ptfe stopper would be mandatory to keep the terps from eating away any plastic. anyone got a lead on bulk glass 1ml syringes with teflon/ptfe stopper?


I don’t know how to post links but 1ml glass luer lock syringes would work and can be found easily online. However the cost would be similar to a new cart and same time to fill so I’m not sure what the real benefit would be.

Some ppl want to be able to use a distillate juice in their own mods/tanks or experiment making their own juices. Some ppl want unflavored pure distillate for dosing edibles, etc.


My clients use a hair dryer to warm the dart. They straight disty, no terps.


i think G14 needle size shold be good.
Furthermore heating the mixture in the syringe can be easily done with a hair dryer or a water bath. Is the easiest way, quite safe ad reduces waste.


Whenever I visit Colorado, I get a few of these syringes to fill a few carts.

Just confirming what these guys are saying, I run the syringe under hot water for about 10-15 seconds. It gets pretty runny after that.

It would be nice if we could move more towards this model actually, from a waste point anyway. Syringes are way less resource intensive I’d imagine.

Carts are super convenient though.


I like the hot water bath method best. Just put about an inch or so of hot water in a mug and drop the syringe in there for about 30 seconds and it will flow like water out of the syringe.

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Check us out.

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It’s been hit or miss for us. Some people love them, some really hate them. You can’t fix stupid. We’ve had several people try and muscle rock hard distillate out of the syringes at room temp…needless to say the glass syringe gave in their hands. We’ve included specific instructions, we’ve said don’t use these to refill your carts just dab them, we’ve listed warnings saying the glass will explode…hasn’t helped. Those who have the “common” sense on how to use them tend to love them.


sounds about like what i expected

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Everything about a syringe is better. From cost, to ease of filling, to usefulness.

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A must for the glove box in Ny

DM me. I’ll send you one for free