Value of a used custom Pinnacles bho rig

Hi my community. I’ve been offered a slightly used custom bho rig made by Pinnacles and I need help estimating its value.

What I know:
-Double jacketed 100# solvent tank
-(x2) Double jacketed 10lb (looks more like 5lbs) material columns
-Swaglock everything
-Rated for propane
-No pumps
-No chillers

Thank you for any help on this.

Looks pretty rad. The branding obviously ups the price, safe to say 10-20k depending on form of payment

USED…Geez that this is massive. I cant see that thing being under a 60K new. Id say if its certified…20-30K thats a lot of american steel.

Lol this looks familiar

that is definitely not rated for propane, 12 inch triclamps will leak.

15K used should do it