Valenza Nutrients: Formulated for cannabis and with cannabis

While writing my book review on a newly released academic journal sourced and written book from CRC Press titled, Handbook of Cannabis Production in Controlled Environments, I noticed one of the authors posted about Valenza Nutrients on his LinkdIn page.

After reading a bit about Sostanza Global, the company behind Valenza Nutrients, my curiosity was piqued. The three prominent people (Co-founders and employees) at Sostanza happen to be three of the authors of the book I reviewed. They all have Ph.D. degrees in horticulture and work/research cannabis specifically—for example, Deron Caplan Ph.D. (Cannabis Horticulture from UofG) and Philipp Matzneller, P.h.D (Agro-climatology and Horticulture).

I was impressed with the book they co-authored. And when formulating their products, they seem to have done considerable testing on cannabis, including leaf tissue samples. So I assume the two-part bottled nutrient they developed may be better than most of today’s market offerings like Athena and others. I have no idea if that’s true, but it seems plausible.

Care to do a short review and provide your opinion, @emdub27 ? This could be a good product for people who don’t formulate and mix their own nutrient solutions. Or, it could be garbage, lol, like so many other nutrient lines.

There is a formulation for veg, early flowering, and late flowering. So I assume they are providing different elemental ratios for the different plant growth phases.

The Valenza Nutrients IG page has some nice bud shots.

This article was written by one of the Co-Founders of Sostanza and formlators of Valenza Nutrients, Philipp Matzneller:


I’m not goin to look through the whole line, because I highly disagree with those sufficiency ranges. K needs to be higher than N. The crop will be too acidic, fungi will be a problem.

Do you know which “state of the art” Canadian facilities they used for development? Most the big boys like Tilray have the state of the art facilities and pump out garbage product.


Thanks. I figured as much.

I have no clue what facilites they mean. I only stumbled upon them when looking into the authors of that book. Overall, I’m no fan of bottled nutrients anyway.

Bottled nutes are just salt nutes diluted in water most of the time. Why pay for water?


I totally agree, but some people don’t like to mix multiple parts or confuse weight/volume. Also, liquids are more soluble than powders, which I have seen throw a monkey wrench in people’s nute lineup.

They totally had me until @emdub27 's observation!


@emdub27 @Ralf Note that those sufficiency ranges are not theirs, they are just what A&L Canada puts on their analysis, which is just the average +/- 1 standard deviation of all the cannabis tissue they have ever ran. (which does tell you something about the average quality of cannabis plants in Canada)


That is the most scientific sick burn I have ever heard. AHAHAHA. Nice @danielfp