Vacuumed solvent into the vacuum pump, whats next?

I was about to do my very first extraction, was going to vacuum down the system, and managed to vacuum solvent into my vacuum pump. The solvent was left over in the manifold. The gas detector goes off anytime I bring it near the vacuum pump’s openings. I drained the oil and have it airing out. Is the vacuum pump shot? Anything I can do?

Any info is appreciated and thanks in advance.

You’ll be fine, just change the oil and run it for a bit. You need your sop for running your machine on a clipboard with a checklist.


Thank you for your help! Type of oil? Where to buy it?

This works for vacuum pump.
o’riley autoparts usually has a quart of that perticular brand behind the counter.


Oh thank goodness I’m not the only one who uses that!!!


Use it in your cheap pumps, it won’t damage your pump. The ultimate vacuum the pump can acheive is limited by the vapor pressure of the oil.


Here is a link to the oil we use and sell. It works great! The Robinair and JB Industries oils are used in pumps that sell new for $500.00 and are used in the automotive and HVAC industries.

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