Vacuum sealing Pyrex media jars

I did a search on this but nothing came up so sorry if it’s already posted but what is everybody doing to seal your media jars? I used to vacuum seal mason jars and had no oxidation but now using Pyrex media jars. Are people vac sealing these or just filling with inert gas? I used nitrogen but the oil still oxidized. Just got some argon but haven’t tried that yet… Thx guys

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Inert gas I believe. You could get nitrogen but i think most use argon

Use the argon it’s heavier than nitrogen & removes all the atmosphere completely to be inert, nitrogen leaves a thin blanket of oxygen atmosphere below it causing the slight oxidization.

Better yet grab a @Indofab x @anon42519203 gas lens it’ll save you more time & it’s applicable to a discharge pump.

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Kinda thought the argon would be better. Definitely would like the indolab piece but need the discharge pump first. Thx