Vacuum Sealer

Looking to see what kind of vacuum sealer everyone is using for their fresh frozen. What seems the be the industry standard these days?

I don’t like to vac fresh frozen, I like to make sure it’s not frozen in a solid block. I use my harvest right sealer and don’t vac usually - I like to keep the bags puffy and fluffy so individual nugs freeze damn well. Great result so far. If it’s going to be stored for months/maybe a year or more yeah i’ll vac them but fresh frozen that I intend on running immediately? Not really the move for me. However if i’m intending on vacuuming something I’ll use the OG black and green food sealer like I have for the last 10+ years or my big Cabela’s food sealer if I’m using a larger bag

It should also be said my preferred method of extraction is bubble with the intention of being thrown in a freeze dryer and pressed as well.