Vacuum pump oil group buy - Inland 19 USALABS

Anyone interested in going in on some pump oil? Ive been buying 5 gal from usalabs for $46/gal shipped. I try to protect my pumps as much as possible so I dont run through the stuff by any means, but a 55 gallon drum from USALABS is $1430 shipped to me (Denver area) which comes out to $26/gal which seems worth it to order if I can find someone to split the drum with me. Ideally no less than 10gal but I probably wouldnt want to part with more than 30gal. Ive had great luck with this oil and regularly get my pumps down to 1 micron with it. If anyone in Colorado is interested just let me know


Great vac oil.

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10 gallons for how much?
I’m 30 minutes up the canyon from Denver.

I wouldnt be upcharging anything, so it would be $260 for 10gal.

(That is if you supply your own container, otherwise I have brand new empty 5gal metal pails from ULINE that are $9/piece, so add $18 if you need containers)

That sounds like a deal. You can put me down for 10-15gallons

I’ll split the cost of the 55 gal. I have an empty stainless 55gal drum I can bring down, just let me know how much you want to part with. Thank you.

Is the USA lab better than vacoil brand? I like how the vacoil comes fool sealed and white light resistant container. Used the flushing fluid from usalab and that worked well.

Never tried the vacoil brand, although I just looked and they sell a 55gal drum shipped for $1600 which is a few hundred more than usalabs

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Solid, I just got 5gal last week so I wasnt going to order it for atleast a week or two but if you want to get things rolling I can order it sooner rather than later

I’m in no particular rush on vac oil, so at you’re convenience is perfect.