Vacuum oven

Does anyone have any experience with this oven or something similar? Considering there are only 3 slots on this I was wondering much you could fit into each tray? Does it require different parchment paper to fit the length/width of the tray? My main question is how much more can fit compared to a normal 1.9cubic foot oven shelf image

Im sure if you look up model it will give you info on shelf dimensions. Which will let you know what will fit inside

I wish they made it that easy. Unfortunately they miss out on the part I need to know the most :joy:

Measure inside dimensions & I’ll help

It was a listing on the internet so I didn’t have the dimensions, but I ended up rolling the dice and driving 3 hours to look at it. The trays are absolutely massive and I like it. Thank you for offering the help!

Looks like 7.5cu ft. You can fit about 300-450g slabs on a 7.5 shelf