Vacuum Oven - changing from celsius to fahrenheit

Ok, so I bought a 0.9 vacuum oven and have used it for a single run successfully.

But for the friggin life of me I cannot work out how to change from celsius to fahrenheit. I’ve even messaged the sellers who are as stumped as me. I can access two different settings menus by holding down the set button for 3 secs, then entering either 3 or 9 as the last digit on the display and pressing set again … but nowhere in these settings is there one for c to f.

The display itself even has a little led for fahrenheit, so its gotta be possilble.

Anyone got any idea?

Its a Baked Oven 0.9cbft looks similar to lots of others …s-l400

May not be possible. Honestly, since getting into cannabis and chem in general, all I use is °C.

(°C × 9/5) + 32 = °F

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yeah i’ve ended up laminating a conversion table …

My rotovap won’t change to Celsius so I’m on the other side of that issue- you should learn to think in Celsius it’s so much more sensible and most scientific articles and work uses metric measurements


I reached out to someone on alibaba and they said:

“It’s very easy to switch to Fahrenheit. We will tell you after you buy the oven. :joy::joy::joy:

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This might work. The controller looks similar to one I’ve worked on in the past.

To Change Temperature Units from Celsius or Fahrenheit:

  1. Hold Set key (left most) for about 5 seconds until “Lc” appears.
  2. Increase “Lc” value to 23 and press set
  3. “bd” will apear. If value is at 1 then it will display in Fahrenheit. If “bd” is at 0 then it will display Celsius
  4. Hold set key again until it goes back to the original screen.

Give it a shot. Goodluck!

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What kind of roto do you have?

These instructions work on a Solvent Pro Roto by BVV.

  1. Press and Hold Knob for 5 seconds (LY will appear)
  2. Turn knob and set LY to 0168 then press the knob. Keep pressing until you see “CF”
  3. Set CF to 0 for Celsius or 1 for Fahrenheit.

Hope this helps. I know AI has similar instructions, might be different code tho.

This is what the supplier told me … but If I enter 23 (or 0023 on the four digit display) and then press set, it just takes me back to the default display (current temp) … if I just enter 0003 or 0009 I can get extra menus, but none seem to effect the F/C setting

thanks, but yours does seem different to mine