Vaccum chamber heat help

I don’t have a vaccum chamber I have been using my household oven but not sure if it’s holding the correct temps is a heat mat what reaches 40c ok to use ?

Should my vaccum chamber be sitting right on top of the heating element or on a rack ? I have been putting my vaccum chamber straight into my household oven at 40c but the bottom of the vaccum chamber seems to be getting really hot is this why my oil is coming out dark and sticky

Don’t put it in the oven please

Get a 5 gallon bucket heater jacket to put around it. Build a wire rack for the slabs inside it if it’s big enough. Bobs your uncle

So should I not have my oil sitting on the bottom of the vaccum chamber ?

This is how I have been trying to purge it vacuum chamber inside the oven turn the dial to 40c wait for the oil to liquify then run the vacuum to 28hg release and then go again

The heat from the oven is coming from the bottom what the chamber is sitting on should be chamber be on a rack or sitting on the heat as It would be with a heat mat ?

Put the oil in parchment paper first.

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Your oven is very likely pid controled and this means the heating element at the botom go s on and off according to the temperature reading of the oven half way in there
As a result the botom directly on top of the ovens heating element is getting way over the set temp and thus heating your oil way over 40C
Place the pot at least on top of a rack or a ceramic plate so that it warms up slowly


I did this on the first vaccum run this is the oil in the middle of purging inside my oven

After bubbles stopped forming I scrapped up and I ended up with this black sticky stuff I’ve tried for around 1 hour whipping on heat back and forth and it just won’t whip up is could the bottom of my oven be too hot and be burning the product as when I picked my chamber Up the bottom was quite hot

Other thingy ovens especially kitchen ovens have pretty lousy temperature controle from 0-120C since it s a setting rarely used so you want to do some empty test trails first to check it s temperature scale

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It’s 0 - 220c I use the bottom heating element with fan assisted I have the dial at the 40c mark but I’m unsure if the bottom heating element is heating up over 45c with my chamber sitting right on top of it this is why I thought a rack might help as my oil is at the bottom of the chamber sitting right on top of the heat source if this kinda makes sense

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