UV Bleaching chlorophyll

I was taken back by how much the bleaching did for the solution. I wonder if it’ll bleach the red… science is rad

About 6 years ago I heard that people would make bho by whipping in a Pyrex pan, covering with saran wrap and putting it on their roof to purge lmao

Maybe they were onto something


Dont forget, the sunlight also degraded thc, minimally.

Graywolf taught me that trick 4yrs back.


Hence my request for any testing info.


I’ll give this a test in the lab sometime and update this thread with hard data.

What analytics lab do you use in the Seattle area?

I’m just starting, I’m not sure yet

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the ones that taught us 8+ years ago used to purge in direct sunlight with hot water.


red comes next. UV will change it from green --> gold -->red
has to do with energy levels of colors


I wonder if you could tune the flow through one of these to get the same result



Beaten to it by 30days :joy::joy:

Posting anyway…because I’m certain you could achieve that same result.

Might even tune it for other tricks if you knew what you were doing.

Jumped at me while shopping for filters.


Just remember PPE with uvc!

I have 13w uvc lights in boxes, I can experiment with if anyone likes.

I’ve made spider mites (sealed in a zipkock) dance in circles after 1hr exposure to direct uvc light. Literally!


Another thing to consider is that UV-C will be much stronger than UV-A or UV-B, which would be the majority of what the sunlight was transferring to the tincture. UV-C is actually almost non-present in the sunlight that reaches us. UV-C may work way better, or it may actually come with some negative side effects. Experimentation with each type of UV separately sounds to be in order, not only to see which destroys chlorophyll most effectively, but also with the smallest loss or isomerization of our target. I have a couple pretty strong 365nm UV-A flashlights with filter glass that only lets out UV-A light. I’ll have to make some green dragon and hit it with the lights for a while to see what UV-A only will do.


So we know it changes the color. Does it change the flavor of the Chlorophyll? It’s quite bitter no?

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I imagine so. It was thrown into edibles eventually.

UVB can be used to break THC. UVC carries even more energy so the degradation will be a serious issue.

But UV bleaching works. Extract will loose greens and reds and browns will become the major colours.

Taste wise it stays bitter but most def it’s less bitter than before. The main thing is that the smell and taste of hay is gone.

But be carefull with UVC. One can get used sterilisation lamp for cheap but this stuff should be used separated from people and activated on timer or remote. Don’t expose your body to this stuff at all.


Nice man. That looks great.
That’s ethanol, yeah??

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190 proof Everclear

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Very nice, thanks for sharin :cowboy_hat_face::+1: