Using Ultra Low Temp Chiller For Passive Recovery

Could One substitute Dry Ice in the Passive recovery process with a large ultra low temp freezer at -86?

By setting the recovery tank in the freezer? I know my thought for next big upgrade would be 2 recirculators. 1 being a ultra low one like -50c and the other one heated to 80F that way with jacketed everything you can have perfect condions

Yes with the tank in the Freezer and a condensing coil in DI and Acetone Bath

If you can find an appropriately rated freezer.

Freezers have compressors, tanks leak. You don’t want to go boom.

A circulating -80 chiller in another room is a safer solution.


We used neslab -80c chillers running syltherm xlt. your freezer may not be able to move enough btu’s to work with depending on your application.

this is the model, i’d reccomend you get that before it dissapears @BreathlessCannabis , these things are difficult to find sometimes.

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What model neslab goes that low?

Im Currently Using the Ai 18 Cu Ft -86°C Ultra-Low Upright Freezer UL CSA Certified. It Should be safe to Store my Recovery Tank no?

is it explosion proof? ?And do you keep it in your c1d1 enclosure?

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Its in C1D1 Enclosure and I dont know of any Ultra low temp freezers that say explosion proof but I have seen others storing tanks in them

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check out the link, explosion proof means that the electronic components are sealed in a way that dosent allow them to ignite a flammable atmoshere. Keep in mind that low temps can cause components to leak due to shrinkage, vapor can pool inside freezers and ignite.Just because some people are doing it dosent make it safe. Get a chiller and run the lines through the wall into your booth, that’s a safe bet.


That doesn’t make it a good idea…

These folks went walking around in an active volcano in my homeland, because “other people were doing it…”.

It didn’t work out as well as they were hoping. They did get to see a volcano up close and personal.



See: freezers have compressors & tanks leak.

Placing an ignition source in your C1D1 space is defeating the purpose of the space.

None of those Freezers get nearly cold enough though. So the ideal set up would be using a recirculating chiller correct

Correct. You can have explosion proof, or you can have -80C from So-Low.

Yes. Something like the DSLB 30/120 would get the job done.

As would the used neslab @Soxhlet linked above.


Thanks for the Help

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A -86 ultra low will not be powerful enough to be productive in passive. It takes me 24 hrs for me to cool 40 gallons of -18 ethanol to -60

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Watts that you say?

There’s math?!?