Using Celite 545 to filter chlorophyll from solutions Video



The celite should stop any and all fines from getting into your filtered product. Thats the job of celite 545.

How thick is your celite bed?

In my 600ml buchner funnel, i use a fitted disc, then 1" celite bed. Then IF i must do a color remediation, i use AC mixed in the ethanol wash and in the buchner funnel.


Thanks coppertop and Demontrich for the clarification!


We started using 500 ml glass Buchner funnel with fritted disk similar to your description. This works very well, so my original problem was I was just using the wrong equipment. No AC unless color remediation needed. We work with CO2 crude only so far so color has not been an issue.

Regarding the celite, how many filtrations do you perform before changing to a new celite layer? We are using to filter liters of material and changing to new layer when the ability of the vacuum pump to pull through the filter starts to diminish. Not sure if that’s correct. Maybe we should be changing more often.


I scrape the top layer of fines after every 2000ml filtered. Then top off new celite as needed.