Used Equipment for Sale - Washington

Item Model/Manufacturer: Mitsubishi PUY-A36NKA7 x3
Description: AC only heat pump + head unit
Price/MSRP: $1500ea

Item Model/Manufacturer: Goodman vsx13 x2
Description: Central Air AC heat pump
Price/MSRP: $500ea

Item Model/Manufacturer: JLG Electric Mast Lift
Description: Man door sized, battery operated
Price/MSRP: $7500

Item Model/Manufacturer: 480v Greenhouse Circulation Fans x9
Price/MSRP: $50ea

2 of these Central Air Handlers as well

Current location of item: SW Washington
Estimated lead time:
Fulfillment: Pick Up only
User support / Warranty: Nope

Take all of it for a super deal. Prices negotiable.


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Wish that lift wasn’t across the fucking country…


Likewise… Would let it go for a steal though, it weighs 1800lbs fyi (for shipping considerations)


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Yes price? And dimensions please

8k would be great…

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Very good price. What is height of lift all the way lowered? Meaning it fits thru a standard door? Width is good

White fans and Mitsubishi units spoken for.

I also have like 75 4’x4’ botanicare drip trays

Typically ~$85 new, I’ll let em go for $10/ea or a deal if you take them all


Sold all the AC equipment, fans, lights, and drip trays

Mast Lift still available, will price to sell and can send freight shipments from here if need

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Someone make me an offer on this mast lift, need it gone

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