We are a USDA Certified Organic farm and distillation lab. This season we did a couple acres of CBDV and CBG genetics from the Crawfords in addition to our regular 15 acres of CBD.

We have a limited supply of certified organic CBDV and CBG distillates available.

O-CBDV-2021.pdf (300.0 KB)
O-CBG-DIST2021.pdf (299.9 KB)

Weve got about 15kg of each.

Not sure of the market price on CBDV disty, but based off of yield and seed cost, we would like to see $3500/kg OBO.

For the CBG distillate we are asking $2250/kg OBO.

For CBD Distillate we are asking $900/kg but can drop price based off order quantity/frequency.

All distillates are USDA Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth. Traceability and accompanying documents can be provided by request or at time of purchase.

Theres a lot of hate here in the past when it comes Certified Organic hemp. If you’re not interested, think the price is too high, or don’t see the value in USDA Organic, I politely ask that you keep scrolling. Thanks in advance.

For all interested parties, please contact Sterling at 5038811347


Bump, Sterling provides great distilate for USDA Organic end products.

How did the CBDV line do for you? Which variety did you run with? I’m considering putting out a very small crop to play with it next season as I am interested in the varins.