USDA Announcement

The regs were announced to be forthcoming yesterday, February 4th. I’ve not heard a peep from any of the usual suspects. Anybody heard anything?

? For what?

Sorry Dirteagle could you clarify what you are asking?

What regs are you referring to

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Hemp regulations involving Total THC, testing windows, testing methods, lab certification etc. Comment period ended Thursday and I read that they said they would respond to the shit storm of comments yesterday. Some hoped they would back off some of the most draconian elements announced October 31st while others say they can’t and their hands are tied. Is that what you were asking?

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Interesting. I know some of the state plans that have been approved (and sampling methods) are a little more lenient (top 1/3 vs top 2 inches) and minimum sample size from each plant.

The bear is going to be all of the minute differences between each state.

Don’t count your chickens just yet though.


They were supposed to release the original hemp regs in August '19. They didn’t until pretty much November '19. This is par for the course. The first time they announce that they’ll have certain regulations or updates prepared by a certain date, you can essentially set your clock for 3 months after that & it will finally get released.

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It is hard to see states like Oregon and Colorado enforcing the ridiculous .3% total thc limit on their hemp farmers. My state acts like their hands are tied on the matter. What is the enforcement mechanism for the usda upon the states? Will they threaten to withhold Federal funds for all farmers if a state does not enforce the usda rules?

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I wonder that too. At the least, it means USPS could be a problem and transporting through Delta 9 states only.

Think holding funds from ‘traditional’ farmers would be political suicide. After all, politicians are the epitome of clout chasers. Their legacy is everything

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Clarification added in a conference call today… USDA said flexibility possible on testing windows, part of the plant tested, remediation, and dea involvement. Said their hands are tied on decarboxylation and total THC but apparently a bill is working through Congress to raise THC to 1%

Anybody know how much of a drop in total THC is likely if they liberalize their sampling protocols?