Urgently looking for 4-ethylbenzaldehyde & 4-isopropylbenzaldehyde in Oregon.

Hello everyone!

I’m looking for these 2 products ASAP, roughly 40gr of each.

We will buy it, cash in hand!

Fischer Scientific decided to not warn me that our order got pushed back by a month, and we need these products by Monday for setting up our Rotachroms.

We are located in Portland, OR. If you are located in OR, please let me know and we will come cash in hand.


Sigma-Aldrich might overnight them if in stock.

I don’t have an account setup with them :/. Thanks for the input tho ;)!

You can set one up easily as any other account.

Yes, but it takes over a week to finalize…


I’ve been saving this especially for @gray

This was not my experience

How are your Rotochromes working out?