UPLC For Sale: Thermo Ultimate 3000 For Sale

Item Model/Manufacturer: Thermo Fisher Dionex UltiMate 3000 UPLC (link to vendor below)
Description: UHPLC for all your analytical needs
Price/MSRP: $1 BTC
Current location of item: USA
Estimated lead time: 1 week
Fulfillment: Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: Comes with chromeleon license

Putting feelers out.

I have a UPLC with a chromeleon license with established methods for several different analytes (cannabinoids and beyond), as well as consumables like columns, autosampler vials, pipettes, etc. I am happy to help with method development and validation for compounds that do not already have established methods in the literature.

I also have bills to pay, and am considering liquidating this particular asset.

The 1BTC price listing is a fair market value for this equipment + software and ancillaries, but I’ll consider reasonable offers. This is something that can be sourced and pieced together from sites like labx, although I offer a few things that sites like that do not, including the fact that have actually used this instrument (and use the same ones every day for my day job) and not just auctioning it off ‘as is’, my reputation here is on the line, etc etc

Make me a whole coiner a set up Chads dads mushroom testing facility with a great piece of equipment!


I skipped over a relatively pertinent detail here, but the above system comes with a chromeleon license (integration software for data analysis and electronic report generation).

This software currently retails for $9600 from Thermo. Again, I would place the fair market value closer to $5k (what we purchased it for) as there is a secondary market for people that part out these instruments, but I wanted to make it clear that this is a complete package, and will be qualified and ready to go on the day of delivery.

Given the raise in BTC over the last few days, I’ve decided to lower the price to 0.8BTC! You read that right, 20% off! Remember that old hard drive with BTC on it that you used to buy pizza with in 2012? Well, for just 4/5th of 1 coin, you could analyze most any compound, natural or synthetic, and integrate on the most popular pharmaceutical software in the world!

Tired of paying hundreds of dollars a week to testing facilities? You shouldn’t be, as analytics are worth every penny, BUT, imagine spending less than 1 dollar per test on your input biomass to project yields, your extracted biomass to ensure no cannabinoid is left behind, your crude, 1st pass, and polished distillate to validate potency BEFORE shelling out thousands for your full panels, testing that trickster of a fool’s gold fraction to make sure it isn’t real gold, compound oxidation over time (D9->CBN, PCB->PCN), the list goes on!

Are you a testing facility running old agilent 1100’s, looking for an opportunity to show off a cadillac during your next ‘lab tour’ while the competition is stuck with a prius? LOOK NO FURTHER.

0.8BTC or cash equivalent! We’ll set the equipment up, qualify it, hell, we’ll even show you what buttons to push and integrate the methods for you!

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BTC up another 2%?!??!! You know what that means!!!

TODAY ONLY, for just 0.78BTC, a slice of analytical heaven can be yours and yours alone. If you don’t have a lightning wallet, we just might even cover the txn fees! Don’t have a Future lifetime membership? Why don’t we just throw that in and level together?! Done!

Have you ever smoked a vape with that clear tek disty, only to get a gnarly headache and say to yourself “damn, it do be D8, don’t it?” but have no capability to prove your hypothesis? Are you currently working on a 500L distillate deal with a money guy out in California, and want to make sure the COA screenshots you’ve received are indicative of the product to pull off the deal of a lifetime? Or rather, a lowly synthetic chemist, wishing you had the ability to analyze rxns in real time to plot out the kinetics of your reaction to better understand how thermodynamics affect rxn product ratios at various scales of production.

Well, today must be the lucky day, because you’re here, reading this post, thinking “that really do be me, I really do be thinking these things I’m reading right now.”

Don’t hesitate! As you can see from this post, the demand is HEATING. UP. FAST.

What up council, it’s Thursday and YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. Today and today only, this UPLC can be all yours for 0.795BTC!

Are you synthesizing cubane in your garage, wishing you had something more powerful than TLC to anayze the progression of the rxn? Have you devised a novel way to synthesize delta 6 cbd via base-catalyzed isomerization as a response to the HHC amigos, only for the unknown purity of your product to keep you up at night? Do you see a modestly priced asset, and think to yourself, “I know someone that would pay at least 2 BTC for this!”


Our UPLC comes with the following:

  • handful(s) of prior methods and suitcase(s) of prior data to stimulate the creative mind
  • columns! We have columns!
  • chromeleon! Hang out with your lizard friend and never have to use excel to integrate again!
  • Tender Loving Chromatography
  • a dedicated user support hotline that can be found on Thermo’s website!

You know that guy who bought 10k lb of fresh frozen biomass, only to realize 6 months later that it was full of mold and the broker was now setting up the next biggest MSO in Mississippi or wherever the fck? He wishes he would have purchased this machine instead!

Thermo Fisher ($TMO) stock is up $25 today! Why?! They heard their instruments were being sold for PENNIES. ON. THE. DOLLARRRRRRR


It’s a great day to buy inexpensive assets that hold their value! Anyone see that MindMed news earlier today? Big conference call this Thursday!

To any interested buyers looking for in house analyics:

I can confirm this is a great deal. The sort of user support offered here is incredibly hard to come by, and I can confirm that @chempistry knows his stuff! Anyone looking to get their lab upgraded with an in-house HPLC would be a fool to pass this up.

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Given a couple similar instruments are currently posted here, I wanted to pass along a few differentiators about this specific UPLC. Agilent HPLCs are robust instruments, especially for lower injection volumes, and you can’t go wrong with simple cannabinoid analysis on either instrument.

  • It’s a UPLC, giving you ultra performance vs. high performance. This expands the pressure range of the column another 50%, allowing you greater variability in column, mobile phase, pore size, flow rate, and temperature selection.
  • It has a temperature-controlled autosampler. Again, for the more refined palette that is interested in variables like stability and linearity, you have all the tools needed to create entire method dev/method validation reports
  • This equipment comes with chromeleon, which is pharmaceutical-level software that automatically generates audit trails (and electronic reports/“COAs”) for publication-ready data
  • It has a modular design, meaning that you can add different detectors, pumps, etc and create a system unique to your lab.

We designed this specifically for high-throughput in-house analytics to track reactions, purifications, and potency analyses of different products we were developing at the time, and so it is best suited for a processing lab that happened to hire a chemist capable of interpreting chromatographic data. The skill of chromatography is intuitive, and I’m happy to ensure the buyer makes full use of this system.

Thanks bro! Happy to throw you (or anyone that reads this) a commission if you can facilitate the purchase

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Here are serial numbers for the respective components of the UPLC system for your viewing pleasure!

Ohio just legalized and you know what that means!!! Get ready for those 40% flower COAs :crazy_face:

want a reliable analytical system with validated potency methods embedded into the integration software? we’ll set it up for you!

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might have shot myself in the foot here by listing the instrument relative to BTC. it’s gone up 10k since this post, so I don’t blame yall for bagholding.


Liquidating your binance account today during the bank runs after CZ was fined 4bil? Why not purchase a physical, shiny piece of analytical equipment while you’re at it?

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BUMP! Still available.

We have another unit for sale! Same specs as above; max pressure is 624bar. Asking 18.5!

In another life, we were able to sell that system for a bitcoin and take the rest of the year off. Alas.

Enjoy the weekend and holler if you have any interest!

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This instrument is still available!