Upgraded chiller. Colder solvent. DrasticallyLower yields

Just upgraded our chiller. Things a beast. Holds -40F all day long. Seeing massive yield reductions in licensed material from farms we’ve worked with consistently for… a long time.

Running 6x48 columns with a 8-1 solvent ratio. Approximately
12.5p per column. Packed with ironfist.

Has anyone experienced massive yield losses when running at much colder temps?

‘Colder is better’ seems to be the motto. But The only variable to change as of late is colder solvent going in.

Now I know warmer solvent strips more bs. But these are post mild crc yields. So a lot of that bs is/has been caught in the filters. And shouldn’t drastically influence the number. I’m talking ~12% post crc yields down to 4-6%.

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What is your solvent residence time in the column? At -40, you can soak the material for 10 minutes. For that column, I’d flush 50lbs of gas, soak for 8-10 minutes, then flush the rest through.


From a chemistry point of view, colder solvents generally take up less solute (THC, CBD, etc). The trade off here was written up rather well by @Photon_noir in this post. Granted the post was made in the context of ethanol extraction but chemically, similar principles apply to butane/propane extractions.

Another thing to consider is that if you are running at very cold temperatures and your material is of decent/good quality, this should negate the necessity for CRC. Invariably CRC will lead to a reduction in yield.

Consider increasing your soak times on your extractions. Since you didn’t post what they presently are, consider increasing the duration by 15%-30%. You should most certainly see an increase in yield without a large increase in undesirables.

Also consider not CRC’ing the material and examine its characteristics. Is it as dark/color ridden as before? Is it necessary?

Just some thoughts. Best of luck.


Thanks ally it takes about 15 min to flood our full solvent load, and another 5-10 to nitro push. It all out. We try and run fairly rapid fire.

We adjust crc levels/media ratios significantly depending on the material, however have found that a very light crc in almost all material helps us make a consistent product/streamlines things for us in a good way.


Is this a new variable as well?

do you weigh the biomass going in and out of the extraction?

Haven’t been weighing the material in and out. I have been noticing at the cooler solvent temps our solvent losses are greater which is concerning in regards to possible solvent(but mostly yield being left behind in the columns)

I’ve got the technicians running st -10F TGIF a run or two today to see the yield/color contrast. Will post an update.

Thanks everyone for chiming jn.

Ironfist isn’t really new a couple months in. And have tried hand packed 8p columns for comparison’s sake. Not a big yield distinction.

If you are having a lot of solvent you might try heating the columns upon recovery.


Are you bottom flooding ? Never been a fan of that

Top flood.

They’re not jacketed… use a heating blanket?

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You could try a heating blanket, but it might not put off enough power, not to mention it could be an ignition source.


That is wild your able to stuff 12.5 pounds in a 6x48 column, the most we have ever fit in ours is 5 pounds and I thought we stuffed it full lol


Geez we stuff 5 pounds into the 4x48 and 10 pounds into the 6x48

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I dont grind my material up and I dont like to stuff it super tight, find it easier for solvent to flow through and higher yeilds compared to most people.

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