Update: sold!


We have 280,000lbs of 12%- 16% CBD Biomass for sale in Los Angeles, CA. All Biomass are stored in temperature controlled warehouse.

Biomass is stored in 500lb super sacks, 1000lb pallets
All Grown in California, track and trace
Full panel testing is clean (cat3)

Description: 2020 Harvest.
90,000lbs of Combined CBD Biomass
190,000lbs of Flower (on stem)

Strains: Berry blossom, First lady, Cherry wine

Price/MSRP: $0.85-$3 (depending on order size)

Current location of item: Downtown Los Angeles

Estimated lead time: 1 Day

Fulfillment: Direct from seller

Contact: Daniel Ashe
Cell/ WhatsApp/ Signal/ Telegram (all same #)



Great material to make CBD Isolate, CBD Distillate, full of CBDa

No offense but last I heard biomass is fetching around .25. IDK about Cali your market must be different.

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@Farmerhemp Sure, I’ve seen biomass that low before, it was like 3% and has pesticides.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but looks like you might only get 15 cents a point if your lucky. The advertisement is for 2021 biomass. It doesn’t say the percentage of the CBD but I’m guessing it’s around 10%.


@Farmerhemp thank you for sharing this info, That’s great!!!, you say $0.15 per percentage point. Our biomass is 14%-16% so maybe we aren’t charging enough for it.


From the previous post I believe we are selling our bio well below market.

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I am looking to purchase biomass for extraction up in Montana and hopeing to find it i either Cali or Oregon. You got anymore? Anyone else feel free to hit me up if you have some for sale.

Need to buy in increments of 20k (for logistics purposes) but need about 250k lbs/month…until everything goes to hell again :slight_smile:

Im also looking for biomass

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