Upcoming California Hemp Regulations AB-45 looming over industry

Wondering if anyone has info on this upcoming bill that just got passed up to the governors desk


Apparently it was going to ban smokable hemp flower in California, and still has a ban on vapes


Along with plenty of other new and confusing regulations from seed to sale.

What will this mean for the farmers, small CBD finished product businesses, and end consumers?

Any input is greatly appreciated, I hope everyone’s having a good weekend! :call_me_hand:


Im in Cali and very worried about this.

Have you read the bill? I got through some of it. To sum it up, they are going to do whatever they want when this is passed. It was eerily similar to a North African Health Ministry bill I recently reviewed.

Nothing like the great state of California creating a black hemp market…


I have read it, it seems vague about the specific rules.


Reads alot like like mmrsa pre 64. Very ominous i agree.


There is an out of state exemption. Best to utilize your excellent weather (minus the fires) to produce quality. Just don’t sell your product in Cali.

It might be worth looking at buying or leasing a small property in a bordering state to obtain a hemp permit. Export your products over the border for safe keeping.

I have 3 hemp permits in the southeast, it’s helps more than you’d think.


Problem is i ship alot of wholesale raw cannabinoids and retail products that I produce ( non inhaleable) overseas.

They are saying everything coming in from other states has to be vetted. They have not said how. I think they will bury us in paperwork and fees/ compliance costs. But it sounds manageable for now. The smoke vape guys are clearly the number one target.

I am kinda close to Nevada so i might just pull
Permits there.

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There was a whole section on raw material in the bill, I just skimmed it.

I would look at a port in Mexico or Washington/Oregon for your overseas export.

I haven’t checked lately but Oregon was a Delta 9 state.


And a lot of outdoor in Oregon has seeds now, just sayin

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Send the pollen to Mexico fam


I’ve put out a call for an expert. Hoping to have someone chime in here today.


@shattertramp I’ve read the bill and work with FDA/DEA/EPA. It’s going to be interesting. All cbd and hemp if sold in CA will now have to pass rec testing standards to begin with on top of lots more. Other states or countries will have to have CA inspectors check production for GMP before they can sell into the state like FDA inspects India based or China based factories. Much more also…


Thank you for stopping by, David. I appreciate you!


@PanaceaPlantSciences thank you for the input, I know we all expected some form of regs it will be interesting to see the extent of them and how we can adjust accordingly


Im fucked if this happens. Sounds like it will take years to actually implement to thats good.

A lot remains TBD in terms of how different agencies implement the bill, but here’s a reasoned legal analysis of the knowable bits: https://www.natlawreview.com/article/california-to-allow-hemp-and-cbd-foodsupplements-legal-risks-persist-unwary

Use Triploid genetics from OregonCBD. No fear of pollination from neighbors not using feminized seed or at least culling males.

Y’all are gonna find out soon enough that triploid doesn’t mean seedless, it mean MOSTLY seedless and some empty seed shells.

Easy proof is in ‘seedless watermelon’. Almost any triploid watermelon you buy at the store still has a few seeds in em.