UP Michigan licensed AU processor looking for Trim and Collaborations

Hey everyone, I just received my Adult Use rec license 2 weeks ago, the first in the UP of Michigan!

We are a full scale hydrocarbon processing facility for up to 150lbs to crude extracts per day and 7 to 10 kilos per hour or distillation. In addition we also offer full scale white label services and collaboration branding to move your products!

Looking for any Michigan licensed growers with Trim for sale, splits and any other options. Working with anyone licensed and in the game out here. Floor trim laying around, failed microbe tests, remediation you name it.

48 to 72 hour return on most arrangements and customized options available as well.

If your license hit me up! If your licensed in the UP, stop by for a tour and hang out!



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@UpLiftN Cbd biomass?

PM’d You.

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Hey all, sorry not on daily. Looking got THC L2L cannabis.

No hemp atm.

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Tried to PM you, but that didnt work, can you PM me? I would love to chat with you and do some networking

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Pmd ya!

I’m gonna be in the Lansing area tomorrow all day.

If anyone is located around the area and has any product available or coming down the pipeline lemme know!


PM me, would love to collaborate! Let’s chat and see what we can do for each other!

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