Unrelated Research I will be working on regarding nanodisks an important component to lipid membranes

Cardiolipin Calcium paper.pdf (2.0 MB)
The article speaks about how CaCl2 can precipitate the lipid protein nano discs which can cause physical changes to the lipid bilayer in this experiment.

that is not my reading.

the CL nano-disks are artificial structures that have some useful/interesting membrane properties when compared to spherical bilayers.

CL itself has some unique properties (eg those which enable nano-disk formation).

presumably the binding of Ca+ or other cations can change the physiological properties of bilayers containing CL, and this can be investigated using the CL nano disks, but nowhere do I see anything that implies “precipitating of nano disks” occurring in-vivo, so claiming a “physiological” role for said ppt is a huge stretch.

the transition from bilayer to “non-bilayer” is not what is going on in-vivo, but this structural change can be trivially observed using nano-disks (which makes for a decent research platform).

the implication is that Ca+ or other ions can cause a structural change in cardiolipin, and that this structural change probably has physiological relevance in the more complicated bilayers one encounters in-vivo.

how does your research intersect?

Correct I didn’t mean in Vivo, I think I meant to say there was a physical change in the bilayer structure in this experiment. As for what my research will be isn’t clear, I just joined this lab. What I have been told is that I’ll be making more protein for further experiments.

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It was “physiological” that implied in-vivo…

Substituting “Physical“ would have your PI happier…

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