Unknown crystals on flower

Please help! Grower is not being helpful figuring out what I’ve been smoking.

Do you have any pictures that show what we are looking at?

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This is a bud. Under microscope. I think it was like 60x

Any reason to believe it’s not hemp sprayed with D8?


I uploaded a new one. Shows the bud without magnification

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It’s possible…

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Then actual analytics are probably in order…

Not gonna solve it with pictures. If you don’t have a working relationship with the “grower” it could be almost anything.

It doesn’t look natural to me. Might be cannabinoids, might be nutes, might be pesticide residue.

@Roguelab has more experience with sprayed flower.


@Roguelab do you have any pictures of sprayed flower under a microscope?

I to have seen defined crystal structure formed on buds. I have wondered for years wtf it was. I had extremely close relationship with the grower and there was no obvious answer. I ran thousands of pounds of material from that grower and never saw it before or after that. Not submiting it for analysis is one of the few regreats I have life because I will forever wonder what it was. I kept it for years in a masson jar but think I lost it in the last lab move.


The skinny strings are mold spores, Powdery mildew. But the large yellow structures and white crystallized leafs are a mystery. I think the dark orange/yellow blobs are pollen… not sure… could be mushed tips of the mold spores. They are structured just like trichomes. Turn amber and everything


Was this sungrown? I notice the evergreen trees around our plot seem to express their saps in this powdery look that sticks to leaves n probably buds


Yes it was sun grown. Definitely lots of ever greens. I wish I remembered the type

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This looks like brix and canabinoid Mix.
They use the Brix to gain on wheight and to lighten the Bud Up after impregnation with canabinoids.
Bad stuff
image is from this site:
Streckmittel in Marihuana - Wie man sie erkennt und welche Risiken von ihnen ausgehen | Deutscher Hanfverband


Unfortunately I recently had the opportunity to look at some powdery mildew under a microscope and the stringy webby looking part of the pictures looks very similar to what powdery mildew looks like under my microscope.

The rest of it is a mystery to me but I am hoping to to never have first hand knowledge of what it might be.

Good luck!


Looks like Mold


Ive studied under “master growers” but don’t consider myself a pro, but entirely agree with multiple comments already posted.

If you have to question it, hit me up for better?

I’m done judging random pics.

Pay the $ to test or forever worry.

You get that shit free with $5 barely spent in Oklahoma for Medical Cannabis.

Nobody else has an excuse.

We had some look just like this this fall. Sungrown. Totally would make your throat sore when smoked. Took it to the lab and looked at it. Same as above. It had all the things on it. Also was exacerbated by the dude that cut the fields would spray the cut grass towards the plants. Pollen galore.

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Definitely fungal, like everyone is saying; the strings are called hyphae. I wouldn’t smoke that shit because lots of fungi can produce toxins. Whether it happened in the field, or in the dry/cure, it got ruined.


@LibertyBadger is correct… if the thin structures in these pics are in fact fungal, then they are fungal hyphae (not fungal spores).


I was thinking powdery mildew as well?