Understanding the Market for Vape Carts

I have been running around in circles trying to find a reputable american reseller / tester of chinese made carts that will take full responsibility with metal testing of the carts.

I need someone to explain the market for me… Everything seems to come from china. How can you be sure of the quality if none of the cats are labeled or have a serial number to check upon ?

Also, any reputable manufacturers that can be backed by european or usa resellers ?

the european market is non existant. Everyone seems to like refillable tanks here and even ccell presence is minimal.

I have also learned that full ceramic cotton free carts might pose a greater risk for health as if a ceramic breaks, you could be inhaling small pieces of silica or ceramic that will stay in your lungs forever. is that true ?



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Hi Sir,

Our cartridges have certifications(CA US) about heavy Metal Free.

Full ceramic No cotton, the will be healthier as no burning cotton to cause other factors. and purer, better vaping experience.
Many carts use ceramic coil in market, and the hardness wont breaks. also oil has cohesive and ceramic coil dip in it always.

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In China, a trustworthy manufacturer according to several factors:

  1. Company: found year(represent the knowledge about the industry), the qualifications the company has(GMP,cGMP, etc.), photos of the workshop (make sure the environment and facts), production line capacity (can it support your sales), the company’s R&D strength(R&D cost, product design, product development speed, patented technology, etc.)
  2. Products: whether it passes the heavy metal test。

More importantly, the new regulations now lead to cannabis vaporizer equipment in China with nicotine e-cigarettes like need to apply for a license, and the government requires the license to review the factory audit qualifications, which is now a good strength of the judgment.

I can expand on that if you want to know more about it.

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Yes please do.

And explain how can we trust a government that has repeatedly failed at keeping the high standards in quality when it concerns foreign assets (Should we go over the copyright infringments and how long it took china to even begin to protect software companies).

So in a ruthless commercial market like that, how can anyone be sure of quality unless it is overseen by an american company with high repeated standards. I could know and trust a seal of trust that is either european or american.

Maybe a chinese company with an Iso certification that could at least indicate a clean room for assembly. I mean if you wanna start talking medical grade sterilized carts.



If you don’t believe in Chinese quality, first you need to understand that the vast majority of equipment in the cannabis vaporization industry is manufactured in Shenzhen, China. Secondly, JUUL, the always known brand of nicotine vaporization; APPLE, the highest market value of electronics,;and DJI, the most famous brand of photo drones, also come from here.

On the other hand, I am just giving you some advice on how to identify trustworthy Chinese manufacturers. Government-issued licenses are audited to confirm the strength of the company and the manufacturing environment, and if a company doesn’t even have government certification in China, then you really shouldn’t consider working with them.


We totally understand your queries for the quality and safety, all of them comes from you are not familiar with suppliers. once you know more about the high quality factories, your queries will gone with wind. welcome to contact us, we can show our manufacturing process and all the certificates to you.

i am interested in your products. They stand aside. Can you tell me more ? Why don’t you have full ceramic carts with no cotton ? like ecap ?

can i test your illuminate device ? does it have a dose setting (after x seconds, the units shuts off). does it have a battery indicator ?

can we replicate this type of system ? but inside the battery

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It’s glad to know you’re a buyer who pays attention to product quality. Now over 90% vapes in the world are exported from China, we have mature ceramic technology and a supply chain in this industry. Those big factories are professional in product development/ quality control/ ceramic technology, so you can trust Chinese vape.

Of course there are some small factories here producing fake and selling them cheap, they just want to use price to win the business and don’t care about experience.

You can take BBTANK product to verify what I said, BBTANK is a certificated GMP factory. All of the products are made in dust-free workshop.

Hey bbtank,

I took a look at your ceramic carts, i don’t see any silicone gromets on the bottom, do you use glue to seet them in ?

I like that the inlet holes are flush with the bottom not like the ccells that are elevated

Problems with pure ceramic products.

  1. Price: The cost of using stainless steel for central post is lower than using full ceramic material.
  2. Airflow: Compared with ceramic, the internal structure(gap) of cotton is larger, thus cotton has greater ability to lock and conducting oil conduction by capillary action. It is beneficial for device to exchange air and has less possibility of clogging the device.
  3. Ceramic center post has greater specific heat capacity than stainless steel, and the result is: the first two puffs are not strong enough due to low explosivity, it needs to be preheated with the help the device or by vaping more puffs; Once stopping using the device, the oil still has to be kept heating for a while because of the residual heat in the ceramic, thus the leaking risk is remaining. In addition, the structure of ceramic is not stable enough, which leads to ability of oil vaporizing, oil locking and air exchange are not stable, either, consequently causing the quality and stability of the device cannot be assured.
  4. ECAP uses full ceramic products using ceramic central post and ceramic heating core. Both Vapez and AVD have used their products, if it works well, why do CCELL’s products still being copied in the market?
  5. This is not to say that full ceramic is highly safe. CILICON’s center post, for example, uses 316L medical-grade stainless steel material.

I will send you more product related information in the DM, please check it out.

Hey friend, I just took a picture to show you. Please check my DM thanks!

Then it likely does not exist in the main market, 3rd party risk is just another policy you wont be able to collect on and they dont test each batch of carts, they do a spot test, give you a expensive cert and inflate your cost of goods.

My advice, Find a Chinese supplier, get an importer, order some samples and have them tested at a lab in your state, then you wont be part of someones inflated business model that really can not provide the protection your seeking anyway.

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Thanks for sharing your knowledge so clearly. I am interested in your disposables, please check your DM.

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This is likely the ONLY American Seller from the cannabis industry that moved to China in 2018 to create their own management team to oversee its entire supply chain and manufacturing on a daily basis in order to physically enforce and “verify” that their standards are enforced every single day.

This is the same management that began as AVD and split last fall to form their own company and brand.

Every batch of 50,000 units is batch tested and a born on date is stamped on the bottom of each cartridge.

Lol, too much competition here bro, all the best extraction vape hardware manufacturer tried to explain what’s the high quality factory. well, actually cilicon, bbtank,ecap, avd(aveo) and some of other brands all can be trusted. they have different features. who can be choosed that depends what you need bro.
i can explain everything If you wanna know more bro.

Have your tried Boshang products, brother?

hard to say

I have a single agent in China that I have been working with for nearly seven years, that alone solves much of the problem. You can get the metal certifications, ROHS compliance, and anything g else you may need from the manufacturer but most if these tests are done by independent testing organizations. Testing could cost several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars but the certifications are tied to the product they are manufacturing for you and are technically owned by you. The carts I buy come out if the same manufacturer as some very well know cart brands that are popular in the US - ones you see at trades how’s. But, if you want all the certification information you need to pay for it.

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Ceramic carts are very very safe and you can’t vaporize ceramic. The idea thar you are going to vaporize silica is funny to me, commonly referenced though due to a flawed study. If your center stem breaks the cart isn’t going to work anyway. Open a bag of concrete without a respirator, you will inhale way more silica.

You do have the option of all glass carts or all stainless.