Unalome Hemp Co Seeking Extraction Artist In-Residence/Creative Partnership in Eugene, Oregon

Unalome Hemp is looking for talent/creative partnerships with a solid, professional technician to set up and and operate an on-site extraction lab for the purposes of vertically processing our hemp, as well as importing outside product extraction projects in the interims.

Cultivation is where I hang my hat, so finding someone self-sufficient enough to run their extract side of things, but who can also work symbiotically and in tandem with us to create the foundation of a solid team, is key. I’ve personally been in cannabis production for twenty years and have built three successful farms from the ground up. Our small team works hard, but we have fun, love what we do, and we know what it means to consider the crew family. We aim to create a craft, family-owned, small farm that is focused on not sacrificing quality while scaling to deliver on commercial scale.

The facility is located on 23 acres just outside town on the McKenzie River. It has phase 3 power, EFU zoning, and it is security fenced/gated and digital surveillance-equipped. We are aiming for organic indoor, greenhouse, and field production, with an emphasis on smokeable flower. We have our own large drying/processing/secure storage facility. Complete vertical integration is the goal. A recreational license is very likely possibility in the future.

We have a beautiful old barn, very solidly built and really just needing the interior finished, that we are hoping to renovate, now we just need the right extraction artist to make it home. Our thoughts are that use of this facility would be rent-free, and I’m totally open to financing the materials and labor toward the barn renovation, potentially as specicified by the technician we seek, to get the space up to lab standards. When we are not processing material from the farm, which we’d compensate for, what is done with the lab -as long as it is safe, professional, and within legal constraints- is open to any extraction pursuit. We are also interested in potentially helping finance the acquisition of bulk raw material for processing, but we ask that equipment be in your possession, since we cannot be liable for its use if we aren’t overseeing and operating it. In all likelihood that’s 8 months of the year that the lab would be operational space to do with as you please, with no rent, at an amazing location, working alongside a dedicated and experienced farm crew that is well-loved by everyone we do business with.

Ideally, lab equipment, expertise, business and leadership skills, and a healthy degree of financial independence come with the right applicant. With a proper vetting period we could look at the possibilities beyond co-op’ing and begin to look at partnership possibilities. We know we aren’t describing just anybody, but for the right person it could be a great opportunity, so we’re putting it out there with high hopes.

Check out IG: KnottyPineOrganics and UnalomeHemp.com to see what we’re all about, and if it sounds like a good fit don’t hesitate to reach out, and let’s talk shop.


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Another hemp farm entering the game. Big players still entering too. Gonna be interesting seeing more price drops this year.


@lefties.cannabis Indeed. In the race to the bottom only those who evolve will survive. Some may consider us a late horse, but the reality is we’ve been operating with success for a long time in tough cannabis markets. Let’s face it, if you aren’t out of your comfort zone and fighting with all you’ve got for the win you aren’t learning or growing in the game of life. The market climate is intimidating, but we’re passionate, experienced, agile, and we aren’t beholden to anybody like investors or banks.

I’ve noticed over the years, almost without exception, that successful farms and companies in cannabis/hemp attract and retain exceptional employees, build lasting relationships within the industry, and develop loyal customer bases all by always cherishing quality over quantity and allowing that ethos to guide your decision-making. Your reputation inevitably follows, and as long as you have that feedback mechanism there will always be a place at the table, no matter how crowded. If you can bring a superior product at a lower overhead cost, the battle is won.

The challenges of steady reduction in ROI, market saturation, constantly changing laws, difficult sales and transportation, sorting through a sea of sub-par genetics, mass confusion about agronomic requirements, a race to maximize yield vs cost, learning to scale, the impulse to chase money and sacrifice quality, the struggle to carve out a niche… fortunately we’ve been sorting out solutions to these issues for many years.

It’s a wild world out there, no doubt, but it’s also incredibly exciting, and hopefully we can find some exceptional folks who think and approach business in these same ways to work with on the extract side. Cheers.


Hi there… Well I just left the hemp farm I 've been working with due to lack of any forward progress. I’m a 54 year young single gal that’s been deeply involved in the cannabis world my whole life. I’ve done extractions in all kinds of ways from dry sift, water hash, alcohol, acetone and butane extractions. I am of the belief in using different methods for different intended uses. Anyway, I would very much love to find another cannabis related opportunity with folks that actually intend on creating/maintaining/developing a viable business. I’ve lived in and around the Eugene area before but it’s been a while. Maybe I have something to contribute to your efforts? Feel free to message me


Hey there Phoenix420! Thanks for reaching out! I think we’re making headway with the endeavor currently. I’ll keep you in mind if we go back to the search! :v:t3::v:t3::v:t3:

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I would love to be of service with regard to our engineering, design and equipment services. Please feel free to reach out to me at Cat@c1d1labs.org

Well said👍