Ultrasound-Assisted Soxhlet Extraction

Has anyone tried this method with extraction? Soxhlet extractors are great and can be scaled up and made out of stainless.

Yes, but larger systems can be flowthrough extractors or just batch systems with horns dropped into vessels

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Yep, a flow-through extraction is a lot more efficient. How much more efficient does an ultrasound input make the extraction?

I was interested in this a while back, but now I suspect it’s an expensive non-starter. Think about all the effort on this forum to do gentle washes to grab the Cannabinoids without cell breakage and release of their contents. Sonication, particularly with highly energetic horns like in the patent, can thoroughly disrupt tissues, releasing a lot of gunk you’d have to remove later. I shelved the idea for extraction, though there might be post-processing applications, like resuspension of filter cakes for re-washing.

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as long as temperatures are kept cold, theres not much issue with disruptive compounds making it through, at least with lower intensity frequencies.

@davidb I dont have metrics for that

That was my observation as well. I was able to see sonication employed and the result was lots of gunk as you say. Ethanol is an aggressive solvent as is with cryo temps helping to tame that to avoid lots of extra compounds coming along for the ride. Sonication makes the whole process far too aggressive and messy in the long run. Bottom line…don’t do it!

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