Ultra-detailed installation video of short-path distillation, glass reactor, and small rotary evaporator

Rotary evaporator installation video

Glass reactor installation video

Short path distillation installation video

We website: https://zzkeda.com/

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No vac grease and that will be the first and last time that boiling flask is assembled. Which is probably fine considering the plastic on that grabber arm is going to melt down into the mantle, likely causing a fire.

Turn that mantle up to 190c and let’s see how long that takes to happen!


:rofl: ruthless

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Never started a fire, but I definitely learned both of those lessons the hard way like 6 years ago


There is vacuum grease, you didn’t see it, the video didn’t show
Next time I will pay attention

The cold trap is backwards


Had a run acting weird the other day, tore everything thing apart looking for a clog or whatever. Found a chip in the center of the boiling flask with 3 cracks as long as my finger, no idea how i got down to 500 microns and it didn’t implode.


Hey but seriously, is the plastic on that clamp rated for 200c? If not, you should find a different solution.

Do u have any suggestions on what product to make with your equipment ?

Thank you for your suggestion

You can use it to make delicious coffee

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He gets 3 guesses and the first 2 don’t count.

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