UK ceramic cart sources

Anyone know a decent quality ceramic cart that can be shipped to the UK?


S. S

Has both icell 2 and icell plus

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Hi, we are 10 years CBD Devices manufacturer in China. We have many kinds of ceramic carts. And we can ship to UK safely. :grinning:image

Any need, please feel free to contact me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi This is Sherry from Buddy Technology

We are starting making vape pens from 2008. We are doing promotion for this cartridgse
For 3K only need 0.65$
How many pcses you need?

We have the high quality full ceramic cartridge.

Not a vendor or a sales rep or any of that shit but I have found that AVD has very nice hardware. As far as I know the cost per unit is comparatively high but really like their stuff from what I have used.

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Real full-ceramic carts for CBD/THC
No cotton, no silica gel, no heavy metal
Lab Tested in CA US

OEM/ODM service is available
welcome to inquire

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