Type 7 white labeling

Seeking a Type 7 and 6 facility, preferably in Northern California, to provide bulk live resin, crumble, RSO and diamonds on a monthly supply contract. The client is a licensed non-storefront retailer (delivery) in Sacramento. All final negotiations and transactions will be between the 2 licensed entities or a third party licensed distributor. I am simply a colleague who will serve as the conduit for connecting the 2 entities. Good Life Gang Type 7s and 6s preferred. Thanks for your consideration.

Sent DM

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Hey Mosaic, pm’d you

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Thanks to all who responded…but this request has been fulfilled…however I responded to DMs sent to me with current needs

@Mosaic_Co-Labs If any buddies still need white label servicing or toll splits please DM me.

We are a licensed type 7 MFG
We are producing Shatter, Crumble, Diamonds, Sugar, Badder and RSO.
Text me if interested.

hello we are a California Lic THC extract company
contact me