Two-tone Distillate

Ran a first pass hemp distillation using summit achromatizing clay, 5% by resin wt, 0.08torr and in a summit 20litre spd set up. This was collected darker, but over 2 days the jars separated like depicted… has anyone have also seen this?

Cheers in advance!

You were trying to isomerize right?

I don’t see the two tone very well can u post more pics?

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Close up of the layers. If that helps.

Not on this one, the Achrome clay is suppose to be neutral… as far as I understand.

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It might be crystallizing bottom up. clear enuff to read thru it…

Have you sent in for analysis?

This is very clearly isomerized distillate, I bet you have almost no CBD and a blend of funny minors and significantly
More D9 than when you started- likely mostly D8

The color is unmistakable


This disty started at 75% cbd and 5% D9 before clay in the flask…

Edit: accidentally included a neat chart- no need to remove tho… enjoi


The top layer is oxidization- you likely didn’t make a complete heads cut- the heads of isomerized disty turn black readily and they will likely move to the top cause heads are lighter cause density cause heads cause distillation basics…

If you gas the jar with nitrogen or argon the discoloration will stop- or will it? Show us your data and collect it often

Edit: did someone from summit tell you to put clay in the flask and expect anything but an isomerized disty to come out?

Neutral doesn’t matter at all, clays and media’s have Lewis acid activity sites and putting literally anything in the flask is begging for isomerization


I will Monday, have the starting material HPLC test to compare.

You mind me asking, what particular clay you used to get that much d9 from cbd?

T41 with excess citric and extra T5


Hot and fast ramp, hot condenser style- collect multiple fractions and you can see the color gradient move to pure D8.

The conversion goes cbd>>d9>>d8

Just don’t let the conversion go all the way to D8- I imagine you could time your reflux and distill in a wiped film to capture a very large and optimized D9 conversion

I’m going to set this experiment up next week cause yaaay I’m finally gonna have a nice wiper to work with.

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Near quantitative conversion Cbd to d9 is very easy with the right reagents and conditions . D8 is the same but utilizes different acids. My trials were always for d9 though and haven’t tried to much d8 conversion.

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Why so vague


Lol, was hoping the vagueness wasn’t that noticeable. It’s Because it produces water clear 90%+ d9 from CBD without distillation or chromatography in 2 hours or less depending solely on solvent recovery capabilitie. I’m keeping it tight for now.


If ran from isolate and made a short term reaction and then filtering out the media, would it not yield alot more d9 you think ?

Would love to do a 50/50 d9/d8 my self from 10% thc, 50% cbd crude, ofcourse even more be able to do a complete d9 conversion.

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So these conditions are straightforward, several reagents accomplish these yields under specific rxn conditions. my question is… how exactly do you purify your product without distillation or any chromatography? Do you start from high purity cbd distillate/isolate and do a standard filtration after reflux and then recover your solvents?

I like to run a subsequent distillation to ensure optimal purity after chemical transformations of this nature.

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Distillation is ideal but the neutralization steps remove anything that would be harmful in this process.

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