Turnkey Laboratory stainless steel molecular distillation system for sale

Jacket Reactor can be used with vacuum pump, chiller and heater for combination, reaction, separation and concentration.

Jacket Volume:16L
Glass assembly:High borosilicate glass 3.3
Working temperature:-120°C~300°C
Seal material:PTFE
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Jacket glass reactor, made of high borosilicate double glass, with high permeability and corrosion resistance, can be used with heater, chiller, vacuum pump.
Can choose 20L-50L-100L,It’s in stock in Los Angeles.
Pm sara@korayinstrument.com

Anybody want one? the last one is in stock in California

Commodity:Stainless steel molecular distillation system
Item Model/Manufacturer:China
Description:Complete turnkey solution,
chiller,heater,high and low temperature integrated machine,vacuum pump…
1.High-vacuum system
2.Continuous feeding
3.Sight glass design
4.Full jacketed pipe
5.High evaporation efficiency
Price/MSRP: $36000
Current location of item:China
Estimated lead time:7-10Days
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: One year
Evaporation area: 0.1 ㎡, capacity: 5L/H
Rotation speed: 50-300r/min
Highest tempurature:300°C
Max vacuum: 0.1mpa
Voltage 220V/three phase
Special needs can be customized,thanks!

New custom models.

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With chiller, heater, high and low temperature integrated machine, vacuum pump

Meets all needs,turnkey solutions,put this beautiful machine to work in your place!:smile::partying_face::clap:
Contact sara@korayinstrument.com
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Two materials, stainless steel and glass

Contact sara@korayinstrument.com
Add WhatsApp,86 17839983630

Good news,6 inch wiped film evaporator is available in stock, no need to wait for production, if you like, come let me know, send details for you!