Turning Black iso hash into distillate

I have a fair amount of black hash and keif and am wondering what the best method of turning it into crude is. I do have a cls but it seems that it doesnt get the full amount out of the product. Was wondering if you guys know a better way to pre process before winterization?

I’d just get 190 ethanol and dissolve it under heat, maybe at 50-60c. Make sure to stir. If you have a homogenizer and mag stirrer, that would be the easiest.

Okay sounds good thank you, so basically melt the hash down the same way i would crude? 10:1 ethanol then filter it and winterize it the same way as i would crude? Thank you fairly new at this i cant find info anywhere it seems.

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which begs the question, what have you used for search terms?
if you’ve got kief, you need to extract it.


if you’ve got crude that was extracted with Isopropyl alcohol, you’ve got crude…

if you’ve got a black gooey mess that is partially filtered iso-extracted “kief”, then you’ve got some work ahead of you, and @renchi’s suggestion of hot ethanol is a decent place to start.

note: kief is in quotes above, because if it was actually trichomes that were iso extracted, it wouldn’t be black. so there was a fair amount of ground plant material as well.

To confirm the above statement. I just ran 17 kg and after running everything through multiple soaks i still have 10.4 kg of material left which goes to show how little volume of kief actually contains the wanted compounds we are after.

@Jamesd 10:1 is what i normally use.

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Thanks guys, it is black iso hash in brick form, and yellow tumble keif about 30 kg of each.

Thanks for the link, basically for the bricks of black iso hash i can think of it as crude already?

I wouldn’t consider it crude until you disolve it in etho, winterize and filter and then recover the etho; if it is as solid as I’m imagining it to have become, by your description.

You could try and heat some and see how that turns out. Your crude will want to be fluid in the spd.

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Okay perfect thank you very much guys, so basically im going to heat up ethanol and hash mixture to 50 to 60, throw a bit of citric acid in it mix it for 10 mins, filtir it on a vacuum to get some fats out etc, throw it in freezer for 24 hours filter it again and then rotor vap and complete the rest of the process

Does that sound about right?

It sounds close. Pretty sure there is more to a citric acid degum than you’re listing. So I’d go back and look that up if I were you. Acid in your boiling flask can lead to isomerization. You don’t want to turn that 55-60% THC into 3% THC.

Not willing to chase those links down for you on my phone


Okay np ill search it up thanks, i appreciate the knolwdge

what about running it through butane wouldn’t that give a better yield

I was thinking of putting it through the cls but heard that it is way better to soak it in alchohal to get everything out of it, maybe im wrong. Would be way easier to blast it into crude through the cls in my opinion. Does anyone else know?

Waswas thinking of grinding all the hash up and blasting it mixed in the shake, say like a full 6lb colum full with shake and 2 kg of black hash ground up and evenly dispersed throughought it, then soak the colum 2 or 3 times for 20 minutes with atleast 100 lb of butane through to get as much out. Does anyone else know would like to get the most finished product out of it.

Soak in alcohol, then winterize just like normal.

Okay thanks, so basically im going to heat up ethanol to 50 to 60 grind up the hash put it in slowly till dissolve, put it in bucket at 10:1 ethanol let it cool down degum it filter and winterize then continue the process…is there any recomendations on how long i should keep it in heated alchohol or just until it is dissolved, and any recomendations on if i should let it sit for a period of time before or after either deguming process or filter process before winterizing?

Heat it until all the hash dissolves, let sit for a while a room temp before filtering it to remove the bulk of the waxes, then freeze, refilter, and degum. Hit the roto, then the short path.

Okay thank you, letting it sit for a while would be 2 hours or so? I was taught to degum with citric acid then filter before winterizing and do the same after winterizing whats your thoughts on that?

I degum after winterizing, my thoughts were removal of the lipids would allow a more effective degum.