Turn key licensed grow opportunity Calaveras

Greetings family,

To anyone interested,
Looking for an investor to help jumpstart the year. Fully licensed turn key mixed light garden. One of eight licenses in the county of Calaveras California.




how many sq ft allowed in Calaveras?

shoot me a dm.

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For the past 2 years I’ve followed what you guys have had to go through with the Sheriff, County, etc - awesome that you’ve finally gotten licensed!


Thanks! 10 years ago this was the place to be… Now!? Horrible! imagine putting in work and receiving that letter mid season that says… You have 10 days to cut or we will charge 1k a day and raid your place… Seen a guy get roped for just 20 plants… I hate what’s happened to the grow community in cali period. Thankful to have this legal opportunity. It’s not easy…


Damn 8 licenses!!! Had 2 permits there paid 40 or 50 k in taxes plus a hundred in compliance and permitting costs just to get banned by hillbilly fucking BOS. I’m glad you made it but the other 870 or so of us got fucked…soooooo…Fuck Calaveras you couldn’t pay ME a mil to go back to that backwater hillbilly wasteland. Place is one giant meth lab and they said we were ruining the county LOL.

Edit I will go back to piss on Dennis Mill’s grave please let me know when the earth is finally rid of his ignorant arrogant ass. #triggered …sorry.


Feel you 100%…


I would also like more info when convenient. Thank you.

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22,000sq ft canopy
(22) 20 x 50 hoops
4 harvest
Initial investment returned in May/June after first harvest all profits by October

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WOW!!! Good luck to you! 22,000sqft is an amazing amount of canopy!!! I wish I could invest…

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Thanks!! Hoping to find the right fit!!

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Good evening…just a bump…