Turn Key Falling film setup! Bizzy Bee Hex Rack, 30 tons of chillers, 128 kW hydronic boiler

Yes this is the same one I have listed on eBay, if I sell it here I avoid paying eBays seller fee, if you bring me a buyer for it I’m happy to pay a thousand dollar cash finders fee.

Bizzybee Hex Rack falling film evaporator. My business purchased this new in 2019 direct from BZB. Original invoice posted to show cost of the FFE rack, stainless components and control panel. Factory upgrades include dual additional heat exchangers, oversized solution inlet and solvent output Liquiflo gear pumps, Digivac vapor pressure controller (VPC) and we also added an additional heat exchanger and dual filters for the incoming (cold) solvent to save some energy by cooling back into the return side of the glycol loop. 110V vac pump and a tube cleaning kit we built from Hoppes rifle cleaning components. Hoses and fittings to connect all chilling side together with 1" PEX and 1" hydraulic hose for connecting all hot side equipment. Heating and cooling appliances include 2 chillers totalling 30 tons of cooling power - a Chillking GV96CK3DP 10 ton, 3 phase 208-230V glycol chiller and a Chillking GV240CK4, 20 ton, 3 phase 460-480V glycol chiller, a stainless pool heat exchanger to couple the 2 chillers together, and a 128 total kW hydronic boiler. Total cost to build out was in excess of $170k in 2019.

This unit was in regular operation at our facility in Colorado recovering CBD hemp oil extracts that were extracted using cold ethanol from May 2019 when it was delivered and set up until early summer 2022 when we ceased operations and has been stored in a temp controlled warehouse since. It’s capable of continuously recovering 110+ gallons per hour of solvent and outputting a fairly viscous, <10% solvent crude oil that can be fully solvent recovered and decarboxylated using a rotovap or jacketed stainless vacuum chamber. Can be inspected in person in Aurora Colorado 9-5 Monday thru Friday (must be scheduled ahead of time)

In order to run this it will need the following:
3x 110V 15A outlets for vac pump, vapor pressure controller and pump control panel
208-230V 3 phase 50 amp service for 10 ton chiller (outdoor)
460-480V 3 phase, 60 amp service for 20 ton chiller (outdoor)
460-480V 3 phase 150 amp service disconnect for hydronic boiler (indoor)
1" PEX roll, as much is needed to get from the chillers locatation to where you are placing the FFE
A container to feed solution and collect solute and solvent. May need additional post-processing on solute for decarboxylation (depending on your process needs)
Some glycol and water - we still have an approx half full IBC tote of 50% water and glycol that we can include with the sale

Have a forklift to load out from where it is currently stored in Aurora CO. I can deliver anywhere in continental US for $2500 additional and will assist with setup/install and train your people for up to 4 days.

Asking $85000

May consider financing with 50% down and either a secured personal guarantee or agreement that we get it back if buyer is unable to continue making payments


What a beautiful machine. Can I borrow it for a couple of years? I promise I’ll bring it back😎

Good luck on your sale. Whoever is getting it is getting one hell of a machine.