Trying to track down a good buddy of mine goes by the name of Hogar he’s in Florida.m

Trying to keep it as vague as possible for his sake but he was a real good friend we fell out of touch and then his number was changed when I went to call him back like a year later. Figured I’d throw it out here. He sold his grow back east and he parties and is semi retired here in Florida. If anyone has any info or way to contact him I miss my homie wanted to get in touch with him thanks y’all! Let me know



Is this an OSINT challenge? Or stalking a jilted lover? :rofl:

Hogar is Spanish for home, so I’m assuming it’s his name. A good place to start is Family Tree Now. People also put everything on Facebook and IG. Use different search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and Yandex. Once you get some breadcrumbs, use a tool like Spiderfoot. Digital forensics makes skip tracing so much easier.

Found your buddy, Sammy Hogar:


Holy shit does he have a tequila brand too!?!?!?!

I gotta say, as a Van Halen fan…I don’t like Sammy - as a lover of the beach, tequila, guitars, and the movie Heavy Metal I would like him to be my adoptive father


Funny shit, my uncle is a major hagar Stan turned friend of Hagar. They go down and hang out with him a few times a year lol

My uncle is also really into single ski water skiing and extra short swim shorts. I imagine he is the epitome of Hagar fans.


I just remember the episode of MTV cribs where just kinda drove off on the beach on ATVs and was like ‘fuck all these stupid escalades, that is the most legitimately baller shit i’ve seen on this entire fucking show’

I do have to say - Full disclosure - Van Halen’s balance was the first cassette I ever bought as a kid. I remember immediately going ‘WHERE’S RUNNING WITH THE DEVIL???’


David Lee is the only Van Halen for me :metal:


–that said yes i would get sunburnt and tequila blitzed with Hagar in a goddamn second