Trying to make about 5 carts a week any tips?

Just want to make carts for me and my fiance looking for suggestions on terpenes, cartridge brands and trick of the trade if anyone has any. Thanks

try @FloraplexTerpenes with a liberty v9 or a y-green cart. blend very clean hash with 10% or more terps. Fill with glass syringe and blunt tip needle.


Thanks appreciate it

The Carts Bar:

This baby and a v9 let you mix in the cart, you can make a jig by drilling out a piece of teflon.

To add terps/flavors, you will need a pipette! you wanna be accurate with your dosage

Any material you use should be winterized at the very least. Distillate will get you your most reliable results.


Why not luer lock syringes? I do like the metal needles, they would last longer than the plastic ones, but if only making a handful at a time. Disposable would be handy.

@Bluedab05 personal preference, I go about %5-6 on food grade terpenes. I have been a fan of lately. They have hemp derived terpenes for their strain specific blends. They also have a decent selection of ccell carts. But the ones @Soxhlet suggested seem to be a pretty good deal.

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Yes, @qma raises a good point. What are you using? Are you using disty, rosin, shatter?

they have luer cones, admittidly the syringes you pulled up in your link are better! :+1:

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Also, have you tried options other than carts?

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I dont like the yo can as much as the sai!

Man I love this thing…

I hate to say it’s better than the 2 dabado pro bolt 2s I have owned, that cost several hundred bucks! The damn nails keep getting stripped!

And @Soxhlet is this just a coil for mods? And dabbing? That’s awesome!

Last time I checked they were out of EVERYTHING INDEFINITELY

EDIT: that last time was like four months ago so I forgot about them :joy::joy:

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really? i just bought a bunch of coils last month?
Website says that products are in stock today?

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Never used the Sai but been using the Yocan Evolve Plus XL w/4 coils for over a year and it rocks. Sai coils seem overpriced to me and I replace my coils very often->

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SAI have ceramic coated heating elements which are really good, no metal to degrade

yeah, just screw it into your mod and take a huge ass rip! Try the kanthal coil, I think it hits the hardest.


Does it burn low temp, pretty sure I remember u saying u do extra low…I can’t stand ruining my stuff with to hot hit!

you can set the mod to make it do what you want, they also have different styles of coils. The cermaic doughnut is really good for flavor and low temp.


Actually, caramic chamber would be better because it head up more even, Edward from Airistech vaporizer and carts maufacturer ready to help