Try a closed loop extractor?

100lbs cloosed loop extractor,anyone interests?


That’s beautiful

Sign me up. How do I try?



So that’s 100lbs of solvent and those are jacketed 4x48” columns?

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they look like 6x48’s

nvm yes i think 4x48’s after taking a closer look

Is this a butane extraction ?
How much $$?

So each column on a real tight pack will hold 7lbs. 7x8=56lb total material per run

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9600$,not including the shipping cost

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Jesus that’s cheap

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Collection pot is not fully jacketed only the bottom, should fully jacket the entire sides and bottom not just the bottom

thanks for your kind advise, do you want full jacketed?
If you need,we can customized

Do you have these here in the states or does it ship from china?

ship from China,by air,by sea or by Express according to your needs


Does this setup include the pump?

If I sent out US made compression fittings would you weld them into the collection pot and solvent tank?

this price not including,but have vacuum pump.
May i know your email,so i can send you a detailed offer