Trustworthy Seedbanks

Looking to purchase some miracle alien cookies and I’m looking for a trusted seedbank, the caveat being that it’d need to offer shipping to Australia.

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Check out they have mac1 (miracle alien cookies) and will ship to australia!

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Having a look and this caught my eye, there’s no fucking way something can get this pink… is there?
I always assumed these kinda pics had been altered, any opinions on this? I know you lads won’t bs me

Old pic. Not quite pink, but this is the most purple strain I have grown, blue dragon bx from sun grown genetics. And this was not from temperature, it was like this from the beginning of flower


Damn that’s something else. Cool to see.

Had 3 phenos of it, all had lots of purple, this was the darkest and most dominate with the purple though.

In the past I’ve always used;

and (straight from the source, I love cannarado genetics)

I’m pretty darn sure they ship international (cannarado), and there’s also located out of Amsterdam, but I don’t see 'Stralia on their shipping list.

Note: I’ve used all these places without an issue, usually have to send money in the mail. Someone here with seeds may also be willing to try to ship some out to ya m8!


Plants can absolutely get that pink. Another strain would be Plushberry from TGA.

Don’t know what strain this is, I picked it up along with a couple other strains from San Diego Rec Cannabis on March 1 (from Darkhorse I believe) and didn’t get it labeled. But it likes to throw pink hues onto the yellowing leaves. Here’s a runt of a clone blushing a bit:


We have lots of off the list seeds as well, I’ll go look for the mac1 winner breading stock bag I saw last week.


Thats a beaut.

I have some Great Lakes genetics that are super purple but they’re tough to keep healthy. They stretch hella.

Got mad purple going on with em too. Strain is Mendo Cookies X Starfighter. My first run with em they turned out amazing, this run they needed much more feeding and I still need to up their intake.

Grew plushberry with my dad like 9 yrs ago, now it’s still all he ever asks for

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Dosent Capulator work for Humboldt now? Probably has a pretty decent mac cut :sweat_smile:

Horrorseeds / seedsofhorror is great
Attitude Seed Bank carried me through early 2000’s


Neptune is my favorite

Have had good luck years back with attitude

Oregoneliteseeds has done right by me

Seedsherenow has also done right by me


Hey bud

Plants can be pink, purple and red during the latter part of flowering. This can be one or a combination of factors including

temperatures - low in general, a swing in day/night temp or cold roots which cause a low temp lockout

Nutes - a lack of caused by PH (intentional or accidental), intentionally by grower as part of the flushing process, low temp lockout (see above)

All that said I’m sure a lot of seedbank pics get post processing so they may have accentuated things a bit for marketing purposes.


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I cut and pasted this from a random hydro site and it doesn’t explain things fully but probably well enough…

Cold water tends to be more of an issue than hot water. This is usually because water is much colder during the winter months, especially for growers that use their own tap water. Anything lower than 15°C will cause your plants’ roots to almost entirely cease growing and can hardly absorb some nutrients such as phosphorus. This element can’t be absorbed at temperatures lower than 10-15°C, causing clear nutrient deficiencies.

The most obvious symptom of cold water is that your plants’ leaves will begin to go a dark color, similar to purple, with clear deterioration in the stem and leaves, which will also become super brittle and break easily, drastically reducing the final yield obtained.

What I will add is that its not only water temps but ambiant temps that will affect the root zone temp.

I actually learnt all this first hand over the years, it’s quite cold over here sometimes and we’re not a legal state so to speak :pirate_flag:

I’ve had to come up with a few solutions over the years including raising the floors of the rooms and insulating, heating pots with heat mats from below (inefficient) or the best method to heat was individually heated pots insulated with Rock wool wrapped in black pallet wrap :joy:

This was a royal pita and even though I tidyied the wires up by cutting the plugs off and using waterproof connection boxes there was wires all over the place and my OCD don’t like that spaghetti junction style of grow!


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Do yourself a favor and stay away from ordering directly from beleaf ( worst customer service and super slow shipping.

Attitude seed bank is solid in my eyes even ordering from out of the USA they keep it tight. Also heavily connected is fantastic

Always love seeing the random vibrant phenos!


Welcome to the future @Sirstonealot!


Huge fan of Attitude Seeds , they do discrete shipping which has always Made it. I’ve used them for over 10 years with 100% success.