True Terpenes Infused terpene profiles

Anybody given true terpenes infused terps a try? claims to have better flavor, wondering if anyone has any feedback on the product!

Some of the better terps i have tried although pricey

Black lime and wedding cake are still a bit piney to me. The lemoncello is incredible though, it has this vanilla undertone that masks that pine smell u usually get. It was the first food grade terpene I wanted to eat, the rest ive smelled like it was for cleaning something. I’m curious how the other ones are, I am going to order from them soon and give their infused lines a chance. I’ll be diluting with floraplex terpenes to save some money though and diluting with hemp Terps to give it that “real” taste


wedding cake doesn’t take all my pain away, but it does a pretty good job on making me more relax

The blue zkittles infused and the golden pineapple infused are both pretty good.

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Their Infused line makes me want to just grab some botanical Terps and mix them in with florplex terpenes to see what I get. I bet u can make any fruit strain really pop

@CBDmozzing you’ve noticed a different between cart flavors in effect? I havent been able to distinguish the different highs


Forbidden fruit by true is amazing

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i’ve used

blue zkittlez
forbidden fruit
wedding cake
strawberry shortcake

very good reception. sold thousands of them. Don’t use more than 7% or people might say they are too strong.

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Have you compared true to floraplex?

People are still using true terpenes lol


yes, People seem to prefer true over floraplex in my test groups.

That being said, I’d rather use floraplex. Pricing is way better and less dirty biz practice.

If you want to try what I think are the best non cannabis terps in the market.

Checkout denver terpenes. People go apeshit over theirMaui Wowie.

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He doesn’t know. Don’t tell him :laughing: @densone search the forum. Save a lung

Oh I know they were using mineral oil for their cutter. That doesn’t bother me since I’d never use a cutter in my product.

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Try out our Terps, we can send you samples and let us know what you think. We can also custom formulate any flavor to your needs. Thank you.

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I’ll try your terpenes, can I get a sample set?

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I’d be interested in trying new terps- currently using floraplex- really like sweet terps, too $$ for large volume projects tho

Where can I find your terpenes?

Go with @kenzyme from HiFi Terpenes he posted here just search. He has REAL strain Terpenes. Some of which was even pulled from my Material. Blows the botanical crap away. Only thing that compares is Live Resin or HTE