TRS21 Rebuild

Hey all!

Long time lurker. Finally have a legit reason to join up and contribute.

I need to rebuild my TRS21 so far the best and only guide I can find is this one:
www.instructables. com/id/CPS-TRS-21-piston-inspection-and-maintenance/
(Remove the space it won’t let me post links)

Is there a better or other one?

Reason I ask is If there is not already one I’m going to make a video while doing it to help contribute to the community.

Any help with links is appreciated!


I also need to rebuild a TRS21 soon gonna follow this

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Just a heads up. I ordered the trs valve rebuild kit from BVV cane with ZERO instructions and I The only parts that were actually replaceable in that guide were the gaskets above the pistons.

I have no idea what all the other plastic parts and springs are for…

I completeled the guide I linked above in about 45 minutes. It was EXTREMELY easy I’m editing the video as we speak will probably post in the morning.


The plastic parts and springs go in the compression head. They are what allows the solvent to pass through the pump.

I’m pretty good at rebuilding them now, but there is for sure a lack of good documentation on fixing them. Couldn’t find a single resource on how to remove the front plate and remove the pistons


Here’s a pic of the “valve rebuild kit” from BVV

I replaced the inlet screen and the larger gaskets but have no idea what the springs and other parts are for…

Anyone help with identifying them?

I made a video of me performing the steps in the link in the opening post. Just gotta splice them all together now.

My gaskets looked fine. I replaced them anyway but unless there is some kind of instruction to perform the other steps as with the springs This kit for like $60 is essentially a waste of money It seems no?

Anyway this forum only allows me to post once every 24 hours so I’ll post again with the video.