Trolling ebay and other second hand sites can have its benefits

While trolling ebay I occasionally make a bid on things that r interesting, have been up for years without any bids and still allow u to bid, just because fuck it who cares. I was looking at syringe pumps and was really incredulous that they are as expensive as they are. Even the fancy ones are just a stepper motor or a linear actuator guide rods with 10$ of passives and a maybe a few microcontrollers. And i know the medical ones need safety features out the ass and real science ones need to be crazy precise but i couldnt find a dumb syringe pump for under 200$ at the absolute minimum. most were 600$ plus even if they dont guarantee it works!!! so i bid 25$ on this one which was listed around ~280$ originally
… but it was auto rejected like usual. that was yesterday but today i wake up to an email that says my bid of .99$ with 29 dollars shipping had won. which didnt make sense cause i had no open bids but it looks lik the seller saw my offer and lowered to price to 99 cents, raised the shipping to match my bidi-sh and retroactively completed the sale lol
even if its almost completely trash it was only 30 bucks lol and i know its not completely trash and i love trouble shooting microelectronics from high science equipment lol I’ll post more when it shows up.

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for a long time I had a scavenged piece of equipment under my desk labelled “cat ventilator”. It was essentially a large syringe pump. using a simple low speed rotation & a cam to drive it.

the moniker suggests it was used to keep the air moving in and out of anaesthetized moggies. not sure why it had connections for “to cat” AND “from cat”.

Edit: now that I think about it, I guess NOT sucking out what you just blowed in might quickly lead to a terminally overinflated kitty. :frowning:

no way i literally just say a “rat ventilator” that i thought was some kind of pump and it sounds exactly what ur describing lol