Trippin TuNeS! Dr. K weekly visit , oh yah

Good ole Ketamine infusion coming up again next week.Special K…
I’m beginning to have a really good time going to the doctor! I feel 1000% better and I’m learning how to drive this stuff like a good sports car! My mind that is.
My realization is your mind is such a powerful tool. I kind of figured out I have an exceptional fast mind. I could wipe out the mental buffet and be proud. Overachievement warms the wires and can melt a few of them. Some of those wires are important. LOL.
But IHave also realized that the power of a D railed mind once put back on a good track and given a standing eight count at the end of a round can do wonders! I’ve battled through the loser bracket and won multiple whatever’s.

So back to my trip and tunes!
God I love YouTube ! That will be the fourth thing I think God for when I die, is YouTube. That is behind wife, family friends and pets. The governor of our great Indian nation. Then the person who invented the iPad Pro 12.9. Then YouTube.

So at first I listen to Long old rock music. Rod Stewart and Faces live 74ish, Tommy Bowlines, Classic Rock music Aerosmith kiss is OK but does it have a good continuous beat. Live rash is better, the live Black Crowes are somewhat OK. But I found some others are post below that I would listen to and watch YouTube trip and videos. My nurses think this is the coolest ever and they go back to my YouTube history and write down the albums and music I listen to. Other people sound like such pussies with the music they listen to. Got his meditations OK. But this just shows me that people don’t know how to how to have fun! This is an unlimited invitation through your mind. I have been everywhere I can think of in my head. This is traveling throughout the universe. Then instantly the Maldives islands for vacation with my family. Riding Jetske’s off the coast of Mexico. Partying at the Buddha bar in Paris France with the wedding party from morocco. Let’s do it all in five minutes if you wish. But my goal is to see how fast I can change scenarios in my head. It is too much fun. But only for educational and medical purposes only kids! . But only for educational and medical purposes only kids! My treatments

The infusion treatmentsUsually takes an hour. So I try to pick music that is an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. As it takes about 15 minutes to come to your senses that you can walk out to the front without making a fool of yourself. Are usually have had one other infusion before I’ve got to this doctor. So I’m full of liquids. It’s really hard to pee when you are tripping. LOL. But that’s the first thing you got To do after an infusion. Did you ever have a friend fall in your bathtub at your house while they were taking an intoxicated piss? I’m just asking for a friend cough cough… that would be pretty damn embarrassing wouldn’t it? But he’ll my mercies come from the stroke and epilepsy world. I’m the healthiest messed up guy there!

I come from an album rock generation. So I play full albums and concerts from all over the world and every band imaginable. Main stream to awesome alt. Streaming lesser knowns.

But at the good Drs visits, after fine tuning my fun here is my perfected 1hr trip.

My background music last week Standing on the verge of getting it on's+full+album

Video multi choices

The most fun trippin videos. If you like, there are a few more I will add. I might need to work on a live link. Worth a cut and paste I believe.

Here are a one hr link to audio.


My goal our virtual reality goggles. I get a dark room McCarthy cool looking chair. The doctors office has very interesting brain pictures of patents. A swing out large smart TV. And YouTube!

So the ketamine seems to amplify the sound so I play the music on the television. Low volume. I watched the Trippin video on my iPad. You don’t want to do a total surrender holding your iPad. I know this from fact…
I would love a side of those high dollar VR headsets. I meant to reviews on YouTube. There’s that word again… LOL

But this has been let’s call it a brain diversion. Extremely relaxing. Nothing like pharmaceuticals ever. That againMy thoughts are overactive mind got me here overactive mind I can have a grand time repairing my brain. And this is Dr.’s orders… Signed me up!!! And then there’s a years worth of maintenance. Again signed me up!
My thoughts are overactive mind got me here overactive mind I can have a grand time repairing my brain. And this is Dr.’s orders… Signed me up!!! And then there’s a years worth of maintenance. Again signed me up!

So this is reinforced put my old weird book say upstairs. Happiness is something you have to grasp in life. Mine was going by unnoticed. Not anymore. I love finding new music. Finally able to relax. My blood pressure dropped 60 points 70 points maybe more LOL without meds. Actually have To ongoing prescriptions. Pisses doctors off. But it’s taking 50+ doctors for me to get better. I had to fight all the way.

Just thought I would share this and I hope it helped. I would like to find out what other people do on tripping. I don’t think you could be the VR headset. Not the cheap ones but cinematic quality. Yeah they cost bucks bucks but not much more than a good volcano dab rigs .

This is been a lot of fun. Helpful for me. See what other people do tripping or did overthink this. Ha. Apologies for the novel. But I think my friends are jealous! I would be!


3hr live set

He tears ot up in a bad ass private studio.

Heres one of my favorites. I saved a few visual/audio things in prep for my last shroom night.

I havent went into a hole since 2001 or 2002.


Thanks for the response. I have to turn the volume down because I am trying to slow down. The beat to a lot of the EDM type music is like driving 95 miles an hour with the cruise control on. Only by MO. That’s why I like to view these and blend my music over. It is enjoyable to begin the journey with this beat in the beginning to boost that dopamine! Then taper, boost,taper. Play that brain!

Oh the brains of the video producers on these videos. When I have some rabbit trail time I want to find how the people trippy videos are made. Summer better than others.
Different frames of mind call for different type videos. Here are some trippy videos based on cartoons. I think they’re enjoyable. Some are the 64-bit world which is kind of retro cool. But the ones for you just fall Into to picture after picture after picture. Image after image after image that just morph morph morph. Oh Em Gee fun.

Here’s a couple of links to the cartoon trips. Enjoy!

Heres a few more for ya.

I was a glow stick king back in the day in the rave scene back in the day. I have hundreds and hundreds of live set recordings from hundreds of artists spinning records.

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I do weekly trips too. Keeps me grounded big time. Usually Fungi though, if I had medical K I’d be SO down lol.

Here’s my recent jamz:

If you get to watch AND listen I’d say this will work good: Murder Of The Nonagon Fuzz - YouTube

Combo of traditional instrumentation with beatz:

Soundscape to float through:

For solving crime in bellbottoms:

Captain Trips with Airplane:

Phaesh: - YouTube

Heavy shit that still trips:

Keep tuning.


Had a little uh ho today. Left the IV bag WFO.
The first few mins were in the hole…lol.
Backed off but trip was short. Can’t wait to drive the bus…syringes otw.

Video was a great one.


Wished it were much much longer…


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Thank you for the jams. I’d love to get my wife k infusion. I just need bumps when I take L. Tranquil not tranquilized. :sunglasses:

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All this damn talk is gonna entice me to bust into my shroom jar.

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