Trimming tech

Has anyone used cannabrush? No time to hand trim anymore. Gonna big leaf and hang. Let me know your favorite methods for dry leaf removal.

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Is that just a silicone basting brush? Because it sure look like it.

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Works, and a lot of them

God damnit. Wooks! I meant wooks!


You took the words outta my mouth lol

I was a little confused on what you meant haha

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After watching their video, I’m not all that sure it would be much faster than just brushing off the leaves with a gloved hand. Still have to touch up with a scissors anyway. I’ve been thinking of giving one a try for shits n giggles. Even if it’s no faster than regular trimming, it would be something to break up the monotony of trimming.


I’m sooo over trimming, at this point I don’t keep any flower for smoke, it’s all processed.

I’m just pulling fans and calling it a day, it’s great.

But for those that have a big harvest they have to trim with no wooks, would you hang dry, then once dry enough to tumble the leaves off, do that, then do a final hand trim?

Maybe then that brush would help.