Heres some top shelf machine trim. Does it resemble the normal “round” machine trim balls?

It’s all in how you dial in the machine. I do 1 pass only, then may have to pick out a few “crows feet” here and there after dry and during cure.


This is another one that i had

Very adjustable and does well. I believe you can get dry trim blades for it also

The trim-pal

Sorry but lmao! The trim bag is another joke.

I’ve went thru about 8 types of trimmers over the past 8yrs. Only the twister t4 and centurion hit the mark.

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My buddies shop still has my trim-pro from 5yrs aho when I pretty much just gave it to him. 1800 new, he has it advertised for 600 and still 0 interest in all that time.

That was the satellite. Not a trim pal.
Oh ya there multible bag system is fantastic. Not like the cheap trim pal

I do dig the adjustable blade you were talking about. If i remember correctly you can also get a dry too.

I would still be using the satellite if it didnt get confiscating yrs ago

I waz thinking about there shucker also

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I’ve seen the bucket 1st hand at the canna expo last yr.
Again, sorry but lol!

1 person, a good glove, and “grip n rip” does the same thing.

Dry or wet t4 barrel is 800
Knife blade is 110 (coated)

I still dig my green broz. its quite, nice tight trim with lil damage. Leftover trim is great for bho or prerolls.


These guys have been our neighbors at a number of trade shows and I like their pitch. I’d be interested in knowing if anyone has tried it.

Wow that’s crazy expensive for a rotisary machine :disappointed_relieved:
You can get a $120 motor from Grainger, shaft coupling for $7, custom PTFE ends for $140, 4 stainless rods for $20 bucks and screen for maybe $20 bucks. I was able to turn 5 pounds of trim and 6 pounds of dry ice no problem with that grainger motor.
That machine should only be 1,500 tops. Maybe 2000 if it was wifi/bluetooth enabled haha


Greywolf built a tumbler like this 5yrs or so ago.

5g bucket
Drill for a motor
160iu screen


I made a tumbler that I still use to seperate the bs and small buds from the bigger… I’m gonna take a pic… works just about as well as any dry tumbler. I’m just over trimming and really not looking forward to the trimming I’m gonna have to do after this season finishes out… cost me about $20 besides the drillmotor…

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How did you burn out 6 fans on the Centurion? Running it too long, letting hash gum it up or is it just fragile in your opinion?

We’re looking to buy a trimmer right now and it looks to be down to the T4 and Centurion. Seems like you rate the T4 as the one to get.

Has anyone seen or used an Isolator? 60lb an hour for $10k seems a little too good to be true, I wonder about quality.

The centurions are a buddies of mine. Ino, after comparing the 2 trimmers, theres bo easy way to clean the centurion.

I have my t4 dialed in almost as good as my grow. At a cannaexpo a few yrs back, the t4 reps had absolutely zero clue as to how the t4 needs to be set up for optimal use. I showed them the way. Rep sent me a gift card a few weeks later. Bought a new back knife blade and a ton of spare parts.


Good info, thanks.

Isn’t there a way to remove/cover the control unit and pressure wash the Centurion?

I would imagine the ability to adjust the blade and speed of the T4 makes it a lot more versatile than the rest.