Looking to buy a trimmer machine… I’m looking at like a centurion or a twister… any advice on what’s a good buy would be helpfull… I’m looking to wet trim but would be nice to be able to do dry trim also… any pros and cons?


I run a trimming service. I also own 2x twister t4, and also work with a centurion pro also.
We’ve burnt out 6x fans on the centurion.

The centurion is a beast. Great for 1st passes. It does NOT have any cutting adjustments. It has a 6" barrel. The space the cent takes up is LOL! Better have plenty of room for the trim bag.

The twister t4 is awesome. It has blade adjustments to dial in the cut. It has a 4" barrel.
I have 179 hrs on one unit, and 65 on the other. NO parts have been replaced on either t4. It’s a more compact machine.

I can bang out, operating 2 machines at once, a 60lb (weighed after dry/cured) room in 13hrs bu myself. That is as long as all the buds are in tubs and not on the plant.

100/hr is my fee.


Your 3rd sentence. . We burnt out 6x tane? Whats that mean? And would you say the t4 is better… I have 2 12 light rooms… but this year will be lots and lots of outdoor

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Damn fat fingers on my phone


I like the t4 better. Easy to break down and clean. Blade adjustments to dial in the cut. With the cent, you dont have any adjustments at all.

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Dosent the t4 have or need a vacume

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The t4 has 2 major pieces, upper and lower units. The lower unit has the fan and trim bag. The upper unit has the frame, barrel, controll box, brush, and motor.

I power wash the trim bag, and upper unit (remove controll box before washing!!)

You’ll need 10a for this t4. I think 15a for the centurion.

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Yeah t4 is pricey … I think I was actually looking at the t6 versus the centurion… t4 looks alot more legit then the t6 but way more money…

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The t6 is a table top for small growers. It cant do the weight the t4 or centurion can do.

Go on craigslist and find a used one. I bought both mine used. Both has 12hrs on them, and paid 3300 for each one.

Also, the twister barrels come in dry or wet types. And are 800.00 each. DO NOT DROP or ding the barrel. If it gets warped, it’s not usable any longer.

have you checked out these guys, they have some trimming/processing gear

Green Broz

doesnt look quite like the throughput of the others.

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Seen this at a canna-biz expo. Doesnt look that bad. But it’s still $$ with the t4

I can do my personal (4lb after tried) harvest with 1 person plus myself in 4.5hrs with 1x t4.

So would you buy the centurion again? With breakdowns and you said it was only good for 1st trim… kinda sounds like I should maybe avoid that?

I would never buy a centurian. The fans are a joke and worse than the china junk chiller/heaters. And theres nothing to dial in how close of a cut you get.

Score a t4. If buying used, thoroughly inspect the barrel, knife blade, and rotating blade for damage.

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Ok centurion out…

ive got pretty decent hands on experience of both the greenbroz 215 and the regular size Triminator dry. i have not used a wet trimmer due to the stigma of the dry and cure not being equal to that of a whole plant dry technique. i may buy a used t4 to give it a try though.

@Demontrich do you use a wet bucking machine as well?

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We hand snip buds into bins, then process thru the t4.

I’ve hand trimmed dry and wet trimmed. With a proper wet trim, dry and cure, you’ll never be able to tell the difference.

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these dry trimmers only work mediocre. the constant buildup of hash and the varying levels of finickyness for the unit to actually work ok coupled with cleaning after every small (half pound to a pound per run) is making a wet unit all the more appealing.


I perfer dry try over wet. Flower look alot frostier dry trimmed. Green bros for the win. I can first pass trim a pound in a few mins. Takes about 90 to 95% of the leaf off. Then touch up. All varies on the flower structure.
Added bonus is the keef gets dropped in the trim pan. Trim from that is amazing for processing

Wet seemed to produce darker concentrate and flower wasnt as pretty

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Wet trim (machine esp) will most always make for a dark bho. Your exposing more lipids/waxes/chylorphyl this way. I prefer machine trim when cryo washing, my sop, I get a clean product. And no green fraction on the spd.


Ya, im not knowledgeable with any other extraction than bho. But i do prefer the look of tge flower dry trimmed also. Seems frostier. Yet nothing beats hand for aesthetics. Im just to lazy for that monotony