Triethyl Citrate for CBD Dist Vapes



Hey All,

I am playing around with some vape formulations and would like some feedback. I am having issues when it comes to using CBD distillate to create various THC:CBD ratios. Currently, I am making a series of 3:1 THC:CBD blends (60%/20%) using THC distillate, CBD distillate and True Terpenes for flavouring. As everyone knows, CBD distillate has a bit of an overpowering taste/smell which is forcing me to increase terpene content to about 8-10% depending on the blend to achieve the desired flavor/mask the inherent taste of the CBD distillate. The issue I am running into at these terpene levels is that the CBD is falling out of solution. It doesn’t crystallize entirely but after about 3-4 days, the carts get quite hazy.

I am trying several more blends from True Terpenes as some seem to mask the flavour at much lower terp concentration (5-6%) and remain stable however, for the strains requiring the higher percentage, I am considering using some triethyl citrate.

I cannot find much about its effectiveness in CBD distillate vapes, safety of vaping and recommended dilution ratios. If anyone has any feedback, it would be greatly appreciated!

Really want to stay away from any diluents, so if you have any other suggestions that would be even better!

CBD Crystallization

Didn’t read any of this, I’m just giving you the warning that comes with triethyl citrate, it has a bad rap as of right now you’re a call from here


Try formulating it with pure crystalline CBD instead of CBD distillate. I have a hunch it’s not the CBD that is crystallizing, but a contaminate in the distillate.


does your cbd contain any lipids? you may be adding lipids unknowingly, was this hemp derived? It could very well be hemp oil from seeds present in the extracted biomass.


Appreciate the feedback. Really working on preventing the need for any additives whatsoever.


I will give it a shot! Thank you.


It is a hemp derived CBD distillate. Lab results show 94% cannabinoids (thc/cbd) but do not specify the remaining compounds.

I’ve run a few more tests and removed the True Terpenes liquifier/reduced the overall terpene content. Seems to be working quite well now!


Any good news? I’m still trying to find a ratio/mixture that doesn’t make my cbd distillate crystalize when in a cart. I’ve searched these threads for a few days now.