Triethyl Citrate FG

Looking for Triethyl Citrate FG. Found it on Amazon in the non FG rating, then found it Fog but u need a business account to purchase. Anywhere else I may be able to purchase this product?

We got some from Perfumer’s Apprentice. Website SDS says it’s used in flavoring compounds and is FDA approved.

think the one you mentioned is similar to this (77-93-0)

believe this is the one u mentioned to me. Think they are about the same thing… ANy clue??

The source you’re referencing from Amazon is Consolidated Chemical & Solvents, I’ve bought numerous solvents from them, they have a site:

Small % cutter or good with isolate?

What are you guys using this for to cut distillate carts?

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I’m no longer associated with the people who making this distillate. However, we weren’t cutting it with anything. The buyer who is the one typically making the cartridges would be cutting it with whatever they do.
When you’re distillates to make cartridges, it shouldn’t be cut with anything prior to selling it to the buyer.

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Well terps. But here is my reasoning. I have regular wax and wanna make a few carts for myself. With wax u need TEC cause wax still has fats etc in it. So on distillate I know TEC isn’t needed if it’s been distilled properly. But if t hadn’t been fully distilled,then I assume some fats etc could be in there and would bind up in cart form

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